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    I assume the talk elsewhere he is referring to in the first sentence above is here, this thread in particular.

    Maybe someone should just ask him something if they want information or evidence on KU.
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    My simple opinion is that KU is a degree mill and Henrik is a scam artist. He talks like he's open but his actions say otherwise. For example, all legitimate institutions of higher education that I know about "publish" their dissertations. This is part of making those dissertations part of the generally available academic knowledge. Henrik refuses to make public a list of the KU dissertations and to then make available copies of the dissertations by request.
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    You know, it reminds me of C.S. Lewis' senior devil, Uncle Screwtape who said something like "To take a man's soul and give him NOTHING in exchange is what really pleases Our Father Below."

    This guy could sell Enron stock!
  4. Gus Sainz

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    For some time, Henrik exploited the fact that the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (which oversees all higher education institutions) did not reply to my email requested information on Knightsbridge University as proof of his scam's legitimacy as well as an opportunity to mock me personally. Now they have responded (I would have never emailed them again had not Henrik continued to mock me and the single and solitary effort I made years ago) and conclusively stated that, “Knightsbridge University “has no formal or legal authority to award degrees.”

    In other words, contrary to what Henrik is asserting, I did ask for information on which to base an opinion. Moreover, I received the information I requested, and that information leads to the inescapable conclusion the Knightsbridge University is a degree mill. In other words, I may not know what I am talking about, but the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (which oversees all higher education institutions) certainly does, and they have clearly stated that Knightsbridge University is a degree mill (if you, as most do, define a degree mill as an entity that sells degrees without any “formal or legal authority” to do so).

    What Henrik is implying, once again, in his post, is that he should be the sole source of any information concerning Knightsbridge (how convenient :rolleyes: ). As is aptly demonstrated by the questions posed to Henrik on this forum (and, much more importantly, his replies) he is much more interested in (or perhaps better said, it better serves his interests) blowing smoke up our collective asses than giving any direct and forthright answer to any question posed of him.

    That Henrik touts that he is not contradicted on a forum that preemptively bans anyone who would contradict him is not surprising. Henrik is a scam artist extraordinaire, and Knightsbridge University continues to be a degree mill.

    So (and it bears repeating), despite Henrik’s smoky protestations, Knightsbridge University is a freakin’ degree mill. Yeah, baby, a mill! :D
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  5. Rich Douglas

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    Oh, please!:rolleyes: You ask Henrik what time it is and he spends an hour telling you how to build a watch. There is nothing more to know about Knightsbridge; he's had years to get it out, and no one writes so much in response to so little.

    Henrik Fyrst offered to sell an honorary Ph.D. (for cause) from a school that has absolutely no academic recognition anywhere in the world, especially in its "home" of Denmark. It doesn't get much more straight-forward than that. What I appreciate is his undercutting of his two best online friends (Marianus and Hayes), and that stupid board that supports them.

    Faculty you can't find, awarding doctorates for books written elsewhere, no legal basis for existing, degree mill roots, moving the license from country-to country. These are not the signs of a legitimate institution. Since we know Knightsbridge didn't originate in Denmark (Fyrst picked it after Liberia and elsewhere), isn't it reasonable to ask that he prove the legitimacy of it by running it somewhere he can have it properly recognized? Why should something with so many obvious dodges be given any benefit of the doubt? And if the only source of information about Knightsbridge is its operator, why should anyone believe him?
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    Nice, nice, nice (is that duck loaded?)

    There's a nice picture of Neil Hayes upon his nice award for his truly worthwhile work with brown teals, holding a nice brown teal with its arse toward the camera.

    If a picture's worth 1000 tu--, I mean words, what is the duck trying to say?
  7. Public Apology - Henrik Fyrst, Knightsbridge University

    I would like to publically apologize to Henrik Fyrst of Knightsbridge University for posting his private emails to this thread. I had no right to judge. I admit I was a little upset over the honorary degree issue, but I have to face facts, many places charge a fee for the issuance of such documents. I will list the website of one such organization. American Education Foundation, Inc. They ask people interested in being considered for such recognition to offer a contribution of at least $50,000. Another thing, I am concerned that people would criticize those people who have been awarded such recognition.


    I personally don't believe all unaccredited universities should be lumped into the category of diploma mills. None of us are personally aware of all the facts regarding Knightsbridge University. Yes we may have an email posted above from one government official who is in disagreement with Dr. Henrik Fryst, but where is his government's intervention? It is up to the Danish government to consider whether he is operating illegally.

    Personally, I would like to see an objective discussion without the members, especially those holding senior status in this forum, dictating what is fact, and what is fiction. Unless I am mistaking, none of us have a ring in our nose and needs to be lead around. We are suppose to be intelligent people. Most of all, we all have feelings and are God's children.

    Have a Great Day!
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    Humbug, did he threaten to sue you

    They are your emails now, not his. If he threatened you with litigation, disregard it. He does not have a legal leg to stand on.

    He emailed you and since you were one of the party's to the communication and since neither of you have a privileged communications status between you (lawyer, for example) he has no expectation of privacy...
  9. Hello DTechBA,

    Let me say something. Yes he emailed me. But he was respectful and just asked me why. I emailed him a nice apology back. He never threatened me. It was never a legal issue. I should have never posted them here in the first place and I admitted so. No need to make something out of it that isn't. I would never had written him if I didn't want to. It takes a humble person who makes a mistake to say, "I am sorry".
  10. Hello DTechBA,

    Let me say something. Yes he emailed me. But he was respectful and just asked me why. I emailed him a nice apology back. He never threatened me. It was never a legal issue. I should have never posted them here in the first place and I admitted so. No need to make something out of it that isn't. I would never had written him if I didn't want to. It takes a humble person who makes a mistake to say, "I am sorry".
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    Re: Public Apology - Henrik Fyrst, Knightsbridge University

    All of them? No, but many of us are aware of a sufficient number of facts to make the determination that Knightsbridge University is a degree mill.

    This is not a matter of a difference of opinion. The Danish government has made it quite clear that Knightsbridge University has no formal or legal authority to issue degrees. Moreover, governments or law enforcement personnel do not intervene unless a local citizen makes a complaint. This is why it is a time-tested tactic of many a degree mill not to accept local students. Guess how many Danes Henrik admitted are enrolled at Knightsbridge? Answer: The same number of Idahoans enrolled at the Idaho-based Canyon College, which, coincidentally, is the same number of Californians attending California-based Kennedy-Western University.

    The Danish government has already stated unequivocally that Knightsbridge University does not have any formal or legal authority to award degrees.

    Here are just two of the facts you should consider.

    Fact 1. The Danish government has stated that Knightsbridge University does not have any formal or legal authority to award degrees.

    Fact 2. Henrik Fyrst Kristensen (who started selling doctoral degrees while still in his early twenties), the owner of Knightsbridge University, appears to be either unwilling or unable to provide a straightforward answer to any question concerning his venture (and there isn’t any evidence of anyone else being employed there).

    Doesn’t this make the fact that some choose to enrich themselves by misleading, duping, and taking advantage of others all the worse?
  12. Hey Gus,

    You present a first class argument and it is laid out quite nicely. Why isn't the Danish government doing anything about it? Please tell me! In the United States the FBI or local authorities would be all over them. I understand the law in Denmark is quite strict. I fail to see how you can change the situation, other than scare people away.
  13. Gus Sainz

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    The Danish government does nothing because they don’t consider it their problem; no Danish citizens have complained. No one in Denmark has been victimized. In Denmark, a high quality education is free (well, not exactly free, if you factor in taxes), therefore no Dane in their right mind would pay Knightsbridge University for a bogus piece of paper, except, of course, a highly unscrupulous individual.

    Not really. Numerous degree mills operate in the Unites States of America with impunity (and many times even with a state license). Among the tactics they employ are moving from state to state to avoid oversight or stricter regulations; claiming to operate in one location while being physically located in another; issuing new corporate charters while claiming or implying they are the same entity; asserting false governmental consent, approval, accreditation or oversight; and not enrolling any students in their jurisdiction. Come to think of it, Knightsbridge University has done all of these things.

    I suggest you pick up a copy of the new book on degree mills authored by John Bear and Alan Ezell.
  14. Bill Huffman

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    The argument that KU must be legal simply because Henrik hasn't been thrown in jail is very weak. There are many examples of frauds operating for years before the law ever bothers to arrest them.
  15. DTechBA

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    The FBI doesn't have time

    Lets see, should the FBI spend time chasing down Henrik or terrorists. Law enforcement organizations have priorities like everybody else. The FBI is a little busy right now and since these places tend to avoid ticking off the locals they avoid local scrutiny as well. Look at your attitude PHD-Cyber, it is the exact one that allows these places to exist....
  16. Rich Douglas

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    This is incorrect. It ignores historical fact, as well as the host of domestic degree mills.

    There are many degree mills run from the U.S. But the FBI, since Agent Ezell's retirement a decade ago, hasn't placed much emphasis on them. This has been documented repeatedly on this board, and is a central theme to Allen's and John's new book.

    As for "local authorities," I don't recall police or sheriff departments having a central role. If you mean states, we all know the spotty record there. Whether they operate without legal authority (CULA, Berne, and Chadwick once), or they do (K-WU and the rest of the Hawaii/Wyoming/Mississippi/Alabama/etc. bunch) no one--outside of Alan Contreras (Oregon) and Jeff Brunton (Hawaii) seems to be doing much about it.
  17. Lerner

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  18. Bill Huffman

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    Re: Re: Update on Knightsbridge University

    KU has hopped around from jurisdiction to jurisdiction like the most notorious degree mills (and no legitimate institution has ever done). It claims professors that can't be found. It has offered to sell web based schools complete and ready to go with staff and everything needed. It has apparently offerred to blatantly sale "earned honorary" Ph.D.s. It is run by someone with apparently zero legitimate higher education experience in administration or student learning. It has been reported by a strong advocate of KU that their degree was bestowed with zero original work with only one person on their peer review board that wasn't even a specialist in the area that had apparently misunderstood that there would be a defense by the candidate following his review. KU has a facade of being a UK institution yet it doesn't really exist there nor derive degree granting authority from there. KU degree granting authority comes from no where, which you freely admit. When Henrik posted here, his strongest argument that KU is a valid school was that there was only one or two negative things said about KU on the web. KU has no footprint (at least last time I checked) indicating that it is involved in any reasonable academic research yet it claims to bestow Ph.D.s of all varieties.

    Sorry Lerner but your assertion that KU requires reasonable work is totally unsupported by the known facts. It is simply an empty unsupported assertion made by a couple of people on the Internet. KU is not an institution of higher learning doing academic research and bestowing standard degrees. It apparently doesn't even pass the first test of a real school, having the legal authority to grant degrees. It is a diploma mill.
  19. Lerner

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    Wow, I must admit that this is very revealing.

    I was coresponding with Dr. Marianus and got deferent prospective.

    What you describe is a DIPLOMA MILL.

  20. Rich Douglas

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    Bill nailed it pretty well.

    Of course you got a different perspective from Marianus. He claims a Ph.D. from Knightsbridge. This is something he's willing to reveal, unlike, say, his real name.

    Perhaps there is a reason Bill describes a "diploma mill."

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