Unusual College Names (Seeking YOUR Input)

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  1. alarmingidea

    alarmingidea New Member

    I don't know what you think is wrong with that last name. Har University was already a great and respected institution when they acquired Vard college. I suppose you think they should have called the place Vardhar?
  2. BillDayson

    BillDayson New Member

    The best peculiar names are outside the US, among "private" universities in countries where English is widely used, but generally as a second language. Bangladesh for example.

    The esthetes among you might like Daffodil University


    The geographically confused will identify with North South University


    Or East West University


    Indian ocean? Pacific ocean? It's no big deal to University of Asia Pacific


    I'm sure that you have all heard of the famous Stamford University


    Premier University must be pretty top notch too


    But who could resist Prime University's greeting:

    Welcome everybody in search of knowledge to come to Prime University to undertake best possible education for nation building and service to the humankind.


    If all of this makes you gag, then Brac University is for you

  3. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    American Military University hardly sounds confusing, deceptive, or disingenuous. True enough, it is not run by the military. The original offerings were: BA in Military History, MA in Land Warfare, MA in Naval Warfare, and MA in Air Warfare. Nor is their new name, American Public University, confusing, deceptive, or disingenuous. True, they are not run by the government. It is simply a name change that reflects the fact that they now teach American Studies, Business Administration, Child Development, Corrections Management, Criminal Justice, English, Family Development, History, Intelligence Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Military History, Military Management, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Religion, Security Management, Sociology, and Women's Studies at the bachelor's level and Air Warfare, American Revolution Studies, Business Administration, Civil War Studies, Criminal Justice, Defense Management, Emergency & Disaster Management, Land Warfare,
    Management, National Security Studies, Naval Warfare, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Health, Security Management
    Space Studies, Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict, Strategic Intelligence, Transportation Management, and Unconventional Warfare at the master's level (and that's as of the 2003 Bears' Guide) - in short, more than just military topics nowadays.
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Ted Heiks: "American Military University hardly sounds confusing, deceptive, or disingenuous."

    John Bear: Agreed. But I don't think the same can be said for their 'parent' entity, "The American Public University System" or their affiliated school, " American Public University." Neither one is 'public' in the way the word is commonly used in the world of higher education.

    Further, there is good reason, I believe, why the British very closely regulate the use of the word "British" by private companies.
  5. buckwheat3

    buckwheat3 Master of the Obvious

    Whew, there are some odd names out there! No my old haunt, Limestone College doesn't sound so bad now!
  6. decimon

    decimon Well-Known Member

    Mercy College.

    Skidmore College.
  7. faero13

    faero13 Member

    just because they have unusual names, doesn't make them less than wonderful...

    si tanka university

    rocky mountain college
  8. Jake_A

    Jake_A New Member

    Junk University

    See second paragraph from bottom:

    "After purchasing a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise, all new franchise partners attend a 1 week intensive training session called ‘Junk University’. This covers everything from starting up and running the business to training and hiring the right staff."

    Not a diploma mill 'cause it is state-licensed, probably even state-approved!


    Unaccredited, but quite profitable. (Well, isn't that a surprise!).

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  9. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    What is Rocky Mountain College's mascot? The Oysters?
  10. Rob Coates

    Rob Coates New Member

    The school where I spent my first two years of college used to be called General Beadle State Teachers College or "Beadle" for short.
  11. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

  12. plantagenet

    plantagenet New Member

    A cached version is available. Not very exciting though.
  13. marilynd

    marilynd New Member

    When I first saw an advertisement for LeTourneau University, I thought that it must be a degree mill. It sounded so much like those European-sounding degree mills, such as Montserrat University. LeTourneau is in fact RA.


  14. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    Considering what happened in the matter of a Seattle teacher named Mary Kay LeTourneau, I don't think I'd want an education degree from LeTourneau University.
  15. marilynd

    marilynd New Member

    Or, at the very least, your concentration shouldn't be in sex education.


  16. Felipe C. Abala

    Felipe C. Abala New Member

    I like these names...

    University of Wessex, University of Sussex, Middlesex University...

    Perhaps we could add Centersex U, Uppersex U, Lowersex U, Sidesex U, 69 U, and so on...

    BTW Hello everybody, it's nice to see, once again, the same names (as well as many new names) on this board. I'm just missing the helpful folks in here... so I surfed through and found this interesting post.... ;)

  17. Veteran101

    Veteran101 New Member

    Well I went to AIU. And I do not like the name

    American (sounds good)
    University ( sounds good, but taken, American University)

    Intercontinental - Ugh! Due to the US and Europe?

    I almost chose American Military University since I am a vet, however, the major I wanted would cause me to go to their sister, American Public University System. Sorry it was the name and the lovely APUS that turned me away. Sounds like a pimple instead of a school:D
  18. guy_smiley

    guy_smiley New Member

    Friends University

    Sounds cheasy to me.. as if your friend printed off your diploma on his new color laser printer.
  19. DocBrown

    DocBrown New Member

    Shimer College The Flaming Smelt

    Mary Baldwin College Gladys The Fighting Squirrel

    Knoxville College The Crimson Bulldogs

    Source: Smallest Colleges
  20. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Did DocBrown lurk for eleven years waiting for the right moment to post this? Well I'm glad he or she did, since I was unaware of the Shimer Flaming Smelt (actually, as it turns out, the Fighting Flaming Smelt), but I cannot find anything on what it means. Anyway, it goes on the list (some sort of list) with the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, the UC Irvine Aardvarks, and the Evergreen State Geoducks. I see that the new UC Merced campus did not continue the strange animal tradition; they have become the Golden Bobcats.

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