UNL Vs UMass Lowell MBA

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    Linkedin proved to be a very nice data-mining tool. I narrowed down to UNL graduates in NYC area, and saw hundreds working in my field, and positions similar to me. So I guess UNL is back in. Umass Amherst has 7000+ (almost 10% of linkedin listed alumni) working in NYC area. I just applied to both UNL and UMass, and still plan to go to SUNY's open enrollment date, if snowstorm subsides. Thanks all for helping me out in choosing the right UMass :))

    LinkedIn search
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    AuTiger00, I'd prefer if you stopped misquoting and taking sentences out of context. I did not say I routinely get home at 7, I mentioned that only on lucky days I get home by 730-8 earliest. Also I am currently in IT for a financial services company, and I do not trade. Most of Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch (where I worked previously) IT personnel would be gone home by 7 PM, unless there are occasional sporadic things that can't be done remotely. I know Goldman Sachs in Jersey City has the same culture. In fact, most I-bank IT/operations floors in NYC area turn air conditioning off after 8 PM to save on energy costs. The later shift IT work for global banks are usually performed following the sun in different regions, albeit there are exceptions, like network maintenance work that has to be done locally. If you didn't realize already, most support jobs are in India, so they are the ones who are working 24/7.
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    AUTiger00, thanks for your prejudiced comments. Your comments were never useful, and ceased to be entertaining a while ago. I am amused that you continue to think that anyone finds your comments worthwhile. You need to go back to pre-k to brush up on your communication skills and start your life all over again.

    I have received useful feedback from others, and would like to close the discussion with thanks to all who participated.
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    Perhaps I missed something re this thread, but don’t recollect encountering any prejudicial responses by any participants who are merely attempting to provide constructive feedback to your inquiry. Seemingly you intentionally or unintentionally changed the discourse direction between yourself and AUTiger beginning in your #36 e.g. “AUTiger00, I just read through your comments, and I concluded that you have little or no business experience…” (?). And for me, as have other participants expressed (including AUTiger) ... wish you the best toward your SUNY Binghamton or UMass MBA endeavor.
  5. I personally can attest to the 5 year deadline, having taken around 4-1/2 years, with several semesters off during the program. They were very flexible and accommodating.

    For future reference, if anyone is pursuing a dual degree program (e.g. MBA + MS Finance) the 5 year limit applies to both degrees.
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    No one's arguing your knowledge. The OP doesn't seem to be writing as if English is his first language, but he's obviously fluent. Contextual misunderstanding must have rubbed his @ss with sandpaper.

    The bottom line is he's got a near elite GMAT score and he's working in IT. I know a lot of people in IT at I banks in NYC as my firm is based there and I'm interacting more and more with those firms as they're already using systems I'm putting in. Networking is necessary.

    His story sounds right to me based on what I'm seeing behaviorally in those departments for anyone under VP level. Once you hit that demarc you're absolutely right, no one asks because they're either completely available via tech OR they have enough swag to responsibly make their own hours.

    So you're both right. See that's easy :)

    Now get me into HBS and be useful :) jk
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    Major56, AUTiger00 seems to be from Australia (i.e. a native English speaker), and when he looks at a user with foreign-sounding name, and is quick to lash out saying "Be sure and brush up on your English writing skills, they need some work.", I have to assert that he's making these remarks out of prejudice. GMAC seems to think my writing skills are in top 10% (AWA 5.5), however I am not always double-checking what I am writing in this forum. The earlier remark regarding his business knowledge was also a response to his theory about my position being entry-level, which was totally uncalled for. He did not have to make those remarks when I only asked for general direction for school search. So there you go.

    If you follow what AUTiger00 says, you'll see that he mentions many things, but never supports them with facts. He mentioned on online elite program will let you continue the program over 3 years, but he could not come up with example of such "elite" programs. Other than UNC, U Chicago Executive MBA, there aren't many 'elite' online programs that I know of. It also depends on his definition of 'elite', so would help if he gives us some examples. He already concluded that since I am "entry level", I am not executive MBA material. =)
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    --did you ever stop and think that many native English speakers (e.g. AUTiger00) that write English "as first language" are not always grammatically correct? Now, imagine if my user ID was USTiger00. Does my writing still seem the same way? Compare to the plethora of run-on sentences AUTiger00 uses, and you'll know.

    As long as b-schools and corporate world are fascinated by professional-sounding buzzwords, I'm happy have ESL writing skill under my belt.
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    AUTiger = Auburn University Tigers.

    Seriously, let's move on. This is the Internet after all.
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    Jesus, youre acting like a child. You took my comments out of context and now your butt hurt. I never said you were "entry level" or that you weren't executive material. what I said was from what little information you had provided it would be hard to determine if the shorter duration executive MBA programs were geared towards someone with your background and provided an explanation for why those programs don't typically run longer than 24 months.

    There are a number of highly regarded b-schools that provide distance options but aren't necessarily online and/or require extensive residencies. Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Duke are just a few examples. Kelley is highly regarded and available online, it seems like it would be a legitimate option for you. If the stats you provided here are accurate you would be a competitive applicant at any of them.

    Again, best of luck in your search.
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    I concur …
  12. nyfaisal

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    And AUTiger00, Truckie270 and major56 aren't bullying and ganging up? It's shameful that you have to instigate this situation with crude, offensive remarks, and then gang up to bash someone out of what I perceive is hatred or jealousy. It's common, but may be both of you guys should find something productive rather than keep posting on a thread that is practically closed. Get a life!

    Again, thanks for all others for their help.
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    Do I really need to say it? I don't feel like it, so everyone just imagine that I said exactly what you would expect a moderator would say right now... and adjust your actions accordingly. :cop:
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    ..and my point was that you're taking what other people are saying out of context, and we should understand why you're taking things out of context and not reply to you in kind.

    ..and yes, if your user name was something more American based I'd still see the signs of ESL, because I work with excellently skilled people that have the same traits. That's not a bad thing, it just is.

    ..if you're happy, I'm happy. and writing purposely out of standard because I have a perfect score in comprehension on my GMAT and got a 5 on my written response. :) Math on the other hand, did me in. :)

    Not attacking you in any way. Just trying to get you to shut up and understand others intent.
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    ITJD, I did mention earlier that GMAC seems to rate my writing at 5.5 (top 10%), so either you need to point out which sentences are "out of standard", or just buzz off. You're just wondering why I am not writing American, not why I am not writing standard English. So keep your prejudice to yourself before commenting on others. Your English does seem at top 20%, but may be you still need to learn a few tricks to score 5.5? :) Try learning from how I write in that case.
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    The next person to contribute to the dialogue above gets banned. :cop:

    Please move back to the original topic.

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