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    I don't know much about tenure and tier one, but I have confidence in UC's IT program to get you places. The IT program is rigorous now, unlike two years ago, when I started. I applied for both South Dakota and UC, and out of gut/basic research and analysis, I decided to go with UC. While I can argue that UC won't get you what you want as far as being a professor at tier-one school, I guarantee that the IT information security systems Ph.D. concentration is legit, rigorous, and reputable. I just started the 16 month Journey, and I like weekly zoom meetings with my advisor and professors as they guide me on how to craft all the dissertation chapters efficiently and effectively. Finishing 16 classes take a toll, but once they are out the window, the dissertation journey is fulfilling. I believe with hard work, connections, and other strategies (including re-invented you) can reach that goal with Ph.D. from either school. Good luck!
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    Then you believe in miracles. Look, I obviously like UC too, but encouraging someone to go this route when it so poorly aligns with their goals is doing them a considerable disservice.
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    Just wanted some perspective from folks that have taken 734 (Stats) and 736 (Dissertation Seminar) in the past. Is 734 more regurgitation/demonstration or practical application for the dissertation with project simulation?

    For 736, will I have time to pick my topic and perform a review of literature in the class, or should I pick the topic and have a list of 200+ references compiled ahead of time? I am getting the impression from the head of the program that I should have all of this prepared before I start 736, but that is an incredible amount of work to do "on the side" while taking core classes. I will need to start now if I need to have this info prepared ahead of time.

    One last question- does the volume of work go up in the dissertation sessions, is the pace about the same as the 8-week classes, or is it slower?

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    @Mansah Musa - I love your forum name! The historical Mansa Musa (usual English spelling) was a man of prodigious accomplishment. He was also reputed to be the most wealthy individual of the entire Middle Ages. "Golden Rule" - he who has the most gold makes the rules - and Mansa Musa did. Mali was already on the map - but Mansa Musa enlarged the map considerably! He even cornered the gold market of several countries at one point. (He did that to correct the severe inflation that his extreme generosity had inadvertently caused.) As generous as he was rich, I've read. A great man. May you prosper, too!

    Are you from Mali? I love the music that comes from there. (The late) Ali Farka Touré and Habib Koité are my favorites. :) Gonna learn Bambara some day!
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    I'm more of a Rokia Traoré guy myself.

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