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    Try Regis University
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    As predicted, the "lesser sluts" argument. Nevertheless, some UNIVERSITIES that support PLAR:
    Athabasca: (See PLAR section)

    --in BC--
    List: Institutions that Offer PLA Services in BC:
    (Open, Royal Roads, Simon Fraser, U.B.C., U.Vic.)

    Royal Roads University is committed to the recognition of lifelong learning:
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    How to earn an apparent BA in Scotland in 0 weeks.

    First, I really like H-W. This is just rhetoric:

    1) Most respected universities offering MBA programs require an undergraduate degree as a prerequisite.

    2) H-W doesn't. (They might not even require elementary education.)

    3) Plan for getting an apparent Scotish BA in 0 weeks:
    Year 1: watch football
    Year 2: drink beer
    Year 3: think about how you've wasted Y1 & Y2
    Year 4: take one course in any subject, anywhere; it doesn't matter if you pass, fail or even complete the course. Send for the H-W MBA modules.

    4) After completing the H-W MBA, artfully write your CV/resume: glaringly stress the MBA degree and put something to the affect of: Attended so-and-so towards a BA. With the MBA, it will be assumed that you have a BA.
  4. So which substandard RA school did you accept Portfolio credits from? And did those credits eventually contribute to a legitimate degree (or even, for that matter, an illegitimate one?)
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    The latter quote from the UBC Calendar is outdated. In February 2000, the UBC Senate voted to accept PLA credit for university programs and to modify the Calendar accordingly. Here are the Senate Minutes for that decision, including some very positive things said at the meeting about the concept of credit for prior learning.
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    That quote seems to have been taken from the February 2000 UBC Senate minutes in which PLA was adopted for degree programs and the UBC Calendar modified.

    So why did Lewchuk fail to quote the sentences immediately following the statement above, which state that more recently PLA has become a priority in BC and Canada generally?

    And why did he quote the old Calendar section that had been replaced rather than the new section that replaced it?
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    And there was no reply w.r.t. the information provided for the U.K. and Australia, those also being sacrosanct in his earlier post.
  8. Perhaps because he hoped that the thread would die a quiet death?

    Funny thing.. every RA school I've attended would consider it academic dishonesty to deliberately mislead others through a partial citation like that. The best-case result would be a failing grade for the course.

    But I suppose aspiring products of a "higher system" are entitled to allowances.
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    No just bored and disappointed at this meaningless level of interaction... good ol' Levicoff was caustic but he usually had meaningful posts.

  10. Did it become meaningless before or after somebody called you on the incomplete-- and thus, deliberately misleading-- quote?

    Personally, I enjoy reading dissenting views.. yes, even yours. The "middle ground" generally falls exactly between the two poles of an argument. But dishonesty I get enough of at work. If this is all meaningless and tiresome, why go through the effort of fabricating supporting evidence for your position?
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    I'm finishing up my first online masters class at the UoP, so I now have a frame of reference. The first class (in management) was reasonably intensive, but manageable. I am single, so I didn’t have a wife or children constantly in the background as a distraction, so it was probably a little easier for me to do the assignments.

    The student must make a minimum of five postings a week, concerning classroom topics. This is not very difficult, but the postings must be legitimate. On top of that there are papers or small research projects that must be done (one per week). On top of that, the students are broken down into groups and each group is responsible for submitting one minor research project per week (one person usually ends up doing most of the work on each assignment).

    Subsequent to the above, I have a newfound respect for online coursework. My local state university is going to offer a masters for working adults where they meet every Saturday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. I think I’ll stick with the online coursework.

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