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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by BlackBird, Jan 10, 2009.

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    I'm all for it. If I work full time I can use that extra money to pay down loans and invest in the stock market. You can ease down on your bed at night, drink a little hot chocolate, listen to some relaxing music, and do your online teaching. For two hours a day it's not a bad deal. You get some teaching experience and money at the same time. It may not be the greatest pay in the world, but it's something that can lead to greater opportunities down the road. Don't sweat it. If an adjunct is terminated from his or her full time job, online teaching is a good income supplement until something better comes along. I'm all for diversifying income sources that is why I am learning to trade various types of securities among other things.
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    Perhaps if you are not willing to bother yourself with the math, you can save us the trouble of reading your uninformed opinions. Axia pay is very different from UOP pay because UOP operates on 5 and 6 week terms.
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    My sentiments exactly - although I'm teaching at home with my teenagers next to me doing their homework. I don't have to leave home and I've diversified my income. I also love it. If you don't love it, don't do it.

    However, I have to disagree on one choice of drink is a nice glass of wine!
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    I can't fathom what you're doing to take 15 hours per week! I teach for Axia. Classes are 2 at a time so they pay is actually $2470 for the 9 weeks. I would say that I spent 15+ hours the VERY FIRST COURSE. But I plan well and work efficiently and would say that I spent about 10 hours per week. $2470 for 90 hours of work is $27 per hour.

    It works great for me. It doesn't interfere with my other job and I can work from just about any time, anywhere.

    I taught online at another school (that doesn't seem to get bashed enough on here) and I find Axia better for the professor, better for the student, better pay (I used to have to wait until the close of the term to get the whole lump sum), better scheduling.

    I don't find your rant to be an accurate assessment.

  5. BlackBird

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    Rant? Hey man, chill out.

    The pay you reported is simply double the amount I gave. I gave the pay for one course.

    Kudoes if you are mostly a left-brainer. Then U of P is a fit for you. I am mostly a right-brainer and U of P is like putting me in a 4x4 cage. As in Holland's Career Test, a Conventional person is one that can sit for hours crunching numbers, programming, and doing minuscule details endlessly. I'm not a Conventional person. You probably are and so U of P is a fit.

    To me U of P is horrid in their pay and demand the faculty to comply with a list of almost 40 things on a weekly basis. I find it almost insulting to ask so much and pay so little. I make about 45 dollars an hour as an adjunct at a local public college. To me that is a great disparity with U of P. They know that they can get away with it since there are so many hungry folks with Masters and Ph.D.'s.

    The school I am doing online work for right now gives you pay for years of teaching and level of degree. U of P at Axia only pays a flat low fee regardless if you have a masters degree or a doctorate. To me that is disrespectful. For less demands and a more pleasurable platform I get almost 2K per 6 week course at the other school. Just my opinion.
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    Your assessment is inaccurate at best. There are escalating levels of pay for years of service and additional pay per course for Doctorate holders at the UOPhx. There is no where near 40 things to comply with per week. I work for several schools and the requirements for UOPhx faculty is inline with all of them.

    According to your numbers you spend about 7 hours a week teaching your courses ($2K/6 weeks = $333 per week/$45 hour = 7.4 hours/week). Perhaps you do not like the UOPhx because their system made it clear to you there is no way you can do an adequate job teaching a course with more than a dozen students in 7.4 hours a week? Is "left-brainer" code for someone who does not half-ass their teaching?
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  7. BlackBird

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    Ok, another pissing contest.

    I was speaking of Axia U. For their nine week courses they pay the same to Ph.D.'s as to Masters level people. They do not make a differentiation.

    I don't know what you are teaching or if you are on another plan such as the shorter teaching span they have for the U of P. I have a friend that teaches for the U of P and not Axia and she gets paid more for less time and is given a little more for her doctorate, not much more. The pay still stinks.

    Also, during the mentor cycle you do get evaluated on a gigantic rubric on top of all the other stuff not mentioned on the rubric. You must be so bright that they gave you a pass. Kudoes for you, genius!

    Since you are such a wonderful online instructor who is perfect, I commend you. You are able to determine who teaches "half-assed" without knowing the specifics. I want to buy your book on Omniscience when it comes out. It could help me get ahead in life to have such God-powers.
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    You can count on me for three quarter-butt to whole-butt teaching... ;-)
  9. truckie270

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    I was just using your numbers of $45/hr, $2K per course, and 6 weeks.

    Is a "kudoe" like a "potatoe"? (Dan Quayle will be in Chapter 7 in my book on Omniscience)
  10. Ted Heiks

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    Is it better to be half-assed or to be an ass-whole? :D
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    UOPX mentorship


    I have a question- during mentorship, the status of a person at UOP would be employee or a candidate. Does UOP act as employer for that person during that process?

    Please reply,
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    I am no longer a faculty mentor at UOP. I will attempt to answer your question, but I am not exactly sure what you are asking? While you are in your mentorship class which is the first course you will teach after your training, you are paid for teaching the class. You are not paid for the training. Should you pass the training and successfully teach the class, you become an adjunct. Does that answer your question?

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