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    Hello Everyone!

    I am looking information regarding to University of Leicester's Ph.D in Management application. I am planning to drop out of Nova Southeastern University because of travel for residency issues; especially, I have two infants and another one is coming. And I have to pay more than University of Leicester's program when my GI Bill is exhausted. I have contacted University of Leicester's Ph.D in Management program, and I am really satisfied with what I have discovered.

    University of Leicester
    - Ph.D in Management
    --Technology Management
    Price: ~ $28,000.00 (USD) plus 2 travels
    --Professional Accreditation: AMBA (No AACSB and EQUIS)

    The good thing that the tuition will be locked-in, and student can setup for installment: ~ $5,500.00/year.

    My question is has anybody done the research proposal for admission at University of Leicester or any other UK schools? If so, what are your recommendations? Thanks!
  2. SteveFoerster

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    At this point, I can't help but wonder -- why do you need a doctorate again? Is it really worth it with everything you have going on? I mean, if so then hats off to you, but wow, you know?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    Personal enrichment as well as executive position ladder.
  4. Kizmet

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    It's probably safe to say that Rich Douglas is the resident expert on the University of Leicester. Perhaps a PM?
  5. SteveFoerster

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    Fair enough, man. I was in the same place and decided to shelve the idea indefinitely, but I can understand both sides.
  6. AV8R

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It requires 80,000 words for the final thesis. I assume excluding references, 80,000 words = roughly 320 pages. I aware of Indiana State University's program which is really competitive. I don't like courses anymore...just research base.
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  8. dl_mba

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    I guess, the research proposal will be similar to the one i wrote for Grenoble admission couple months ago.
    Grenoble wanted a very clear idea of what i will be researching on for the next 4 years. There is a format i can send you. I also have a few sample proposals which were approved at Grenoble. Let me know if you are interested.


    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    Thanks! That would be great. Can you email it to me at [email protected]? Well, see you on this weekend at Nova Southeastern University for a cup of coffee.
  10. dl_mba

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    The sample proposals i have are the ones the school shared(Grenoble) with the prospective students as a Benchmark to write our own proposal. This will give an idea what the expectations were.
    I will send them over to you. Let me know when you will be at Nova, i will plan on visiting the Alvin Sherman Library. I will PM you the details.

  11. Rich Douglas

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    Yes, it does. Leicester offers "little book" (taught) doctorates as well, but the Ph.D. is a research (big book, no courses) degree.

    The theses from both are held to the same standard, despite the little book being limited to 30,000 fewer words. That usually means a smaller project, but the thesis must still meet academic requirements (original, significant contribution).

    In the DSoSci program, those 30,000 words are made up by the coursework, where approximately 36,000 words of written assignments are accomplished.

    Finally, the research proposal might be limited to 5,000 words. Unlike a Ph.D in the US, students are not expected to do a full literature review. This is actually a limitation, since convincing the acceptance committee to approve your proposal is harder with fewer words (about 1,000 for the literature review itself).
  12. I hate to hijack this thread. Can you send me the research proposal format as well? I'm working on one for UNISA. My email is [email protected] (I made this email long ago lol).
  13. dl_mba

    dl_mba Member

    I would be glad to send them over. Check your mailbox.
  14. Cyber

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    Tekman, I thought you were pursuing Computer Science PhD @ Nova?
  15. TEKMAN

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    They denied my application because quota was filled and my application was late. So, instead they asked me if I want to be in Information Systems or Computer Information Systems. I accepted Ph.D in Information Systems, but I am dropping this term as well as leave of absence for next term. Because I am working on my CISSP and CCIE while waiting for University of Leicester admission. Will return back to Nova in Fall 2013 if I don't get accept to the University of Leicester.
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    dl_mba, can you send it to me too? (I'm another one with a terrible boring user name from the stone-age of DL) [email protected] Thanks!
  17. TEKMAN

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  18. RBTullo

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    dl_mba, I realize you have already received several requests for the proposal sample, but would you please add one more, I would really appreciate it. ([email protected])


  19. dl_mba

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    The ones i have is very similar to this.
  20. dl_mba

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    mbaonline, Check your mail box, i just sent you those sample proposals.

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