Universidad del Claustro Gómez

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    We have pointed out in a different thread that low-cost MBAs, bought from Groupon, can indeed have a certain value. A look on the searching portal emagister, however, showed that even the price of this MBA can be topped. The institution which offers these courses is named "Universidad del Claustro Gómez".


    Any thoughts about it? I do not think they will be of any use, but maybe I am wrong.

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    Found it - It calls itself an education centre - in Spanish - not a University and is located in Panama. To be accredited-or-equivalent in Panama, you place your school under the eye of the University of Panama - you teach and run things according to their standards. I'm sure this place hasn't. And it doesn't need to. Private schools in Panama can operate on a business license, legally awarding degrees which have no standing. I'm guessing that's what's happening here.

    They have 9 different MBA specializations and they're mostly 95 euros - just over $100 US.

    I don't see an English page, but I'm OK with Spanish. Waste of time. Don't get me started.
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    Another bad sign is their blurb re: Hague Convention Apostilles. Many mills offer these and you supposedly append one to your bad degree and that makes it all good. Of course, it doesn't. The apostille means simply that the document attached is genuine - not a forgery. No attestation as to quality, legitimacy. etc.

    Often, apostilles are bought by fake-degree hunters to try and fool prospective employers. Not a good strategy.

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