United States Attacked - Let's All Do Our Part

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  1. Caballero Lacaye

    Caballero Lacaye New Member

    Dear Ulrich,

    Thank you very much for your information.

    Sometimes it's hard to differentiate a "law enforcement action" and a "military action" since they might overlap. At any rate, I was also reading a Canadian support of more than 80% among people. Thus, contrary to what it is being said here, the first allied to the United States is Canada, that is, in terms of public support.

    Ulrich, do you have any other interesting statistics?

    All the best,

    Karlos Alberto Lacaye
    [email protected]
  2. Ulrich Bozzo

    Ulrich Bozzo New Member

    Your intellectual dishonesty is unlimited.A wonderful quality for an administrator of Degreeinfo.

    Once again: "Shortly after these barbaric and incomprehensible attacks the Italian government decided that Italy will honor their NATO commitment.That is the original position of Berlusconi's government.And this position has not changed ever since."

    From il Messaggero(September 15 2001)

    "Al Consiglio supremo di Difesa, presieduto dal capo dello Stato, il governo illustra la situazione con Berlusconi, Scajola, Martino e Ruggiero.

    Il comunicato finale ribadisce che l’ITALIA E PRONTA ALL'APPLICAZIONE DELL'ARTICOLO 5 DELLA NATO nella «lotta senza quartiere al terrorismo»"

    You made a mistake or you read an inaccurate piece of information.It happens.Now shut up!

  3. mamorse

    mamorse New Member

    By the way Bruce, on behalf of myself, my family, and the nation, I would like to thank you and every other police officer, fireman, and member of the U.S. military that puts on a uniform each day and puts his/her life on the line to safeguard the lives, liberty, and property of every U.S. citizen. I guess I'm disappointed in myself that it takes such a huge event to spur me into saying what you should hear from a grateful nation each and every day.

  4. Ulrich Bozzo

    Ulrich Bozzo New Member

    It's complicated.
    If a person prefers a "law enforcement action" to a military action it doesen't mean that this person does not support the military action.
    That's why you cannot say that "Canada is the first allied to the United States in terms of public support".Maybe Karlos,but we need a poll to be sure.

    I wrote that 67% of the French prefer a "law enforcement action" to a military action.I found a French poll IFOP(20-21 sept 2001): http://fr.news.yahoo.com/010922/85/1w9sf.html
    "Une majorite de Français (66%) est favorable a une intervention militaire francaise, au sein d'une alliance,en reponse aux attentats ayant frappe les Etats-Unis le 11 septembre"
    "66% of the French are favourable to a French military operation within an alliance,..."

    As I wrote,it's complicated.

    I am overrun by statistics and information from newspapers of different countries.

    Best regards

  5. Ulrich Bozzo

    Ulrich Bozzo New Member

    On the other hand only 42% of (the) French would be favourable to French participation if this involvement would cause a tax increase.

    C'est desesperant,hein Bruce?

  6. Caballero Lacaye

    Caballero Lacaye New Member

    Hey, Ulrich!

    Of course, I completely agree with you. I read the Canadian statistics I told you in the news section of www.canada.com . Unfortunately, I cannot find it right now. The article mentions that a military action was supported by 80 percent something of Canadians and by 90 percent something of Americans, according to the poll. I also checked gallup.com , but coudn't find relevant information (on a side note, in the U.S.A., according to Gallup, the country most favorably seen by Americans is Canada).

    Thus, if we take your statistics as accurate (and I am sure they are), 80 percent something is the greatest support in terms of population support, and this belongs to Canada. Then again, there might be a greater public support in a country considered as an enemy of the Taliban. Thus, to play it safe, I can say with a great degree of certainty that, in the Western world, the military action is viewed most favorably by the Canadian people.

    Ulrich, perhaps today at night I have time to look for the article.

    Best regards,

    Karlos Alberto Lacaye, who, coincidentally, is traveling tommorrow to Hamilton, Canada.
    [email protected]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I agree Bruce. GB has been there when the US is in crisis and generally the first to jump to our support. Quite ironic considering what happened in 1776. They are a nation that we can count on.

    As an aside, the US has been blessed by many nations who are standing with us. Not least among them are countries like Pakistan where the leadership has had to face fall out from Muslim extremists (luckily a vocal monority) for supporting the US.

    The article that is circulating on the internet by Gordon Sinclair (who died in the mid eighties) was somewhat correct about the ingratitude that the US experiences inspite of it's helping most of the world when they are in crisis. I think no victor has been more generous to the vanquished than the US. In this instance we are receiving support from most of the world. This human tragedy touches them as well, as so many foreign nationals were lost. I just hope the support remains strong as justice takes shape.

    Finally, I have thought how blessed we are to live in the US/Western civilization. For all its many flaws (arrogance, greed) it truly has a measure of freedom not found anywhere else. In the US you can insult politicians, disbelieve/insult Christ, insult Mohammed, disbelieve/insult Allah, and other than possibly being in poor taste there are no temporal consequences. There are not fanatics issuing death threats or people trying to thrown you in jail. The government does not ban T.V.'s and tell women they cannot drive. Our military chaplaincy represents a huge number of denominations from Islam to Christian Science (which is neither). We have freedom of religion, freedom of association, etc. In fact, our society goes even farther in protecting free speech than even Canada where if I remember correctly they have hate speech laws and so in the 80's deported a immigrant to Germany who published a paper saying the holocaust did not happen. We (the US) may look on such assertions as racist and idiotic but we allow them because we value freedom and liberty so much.

    While I am venting ( [​IMG] ) let me also say that I am sad to see the unfortunate attacks on people because they are muslim (or someone thinks they are muslim). It is very sad that a seikh (I have mispelled that and do not have time to look it up) was killed because someone saw the turban. Of course, they are not muslim. The other case involved a Pakistani in Texas. The irony is that the Pakistanis are trying to help us. We need to live up to our "liberty & justice for all" and that includes muslims. As for the nations supporting terrorism or the terrorist themselves I hope they will soon be tasting justice.

    Has anyone heard that remake of Judas Priests song "You Got Another Thing Coming". It is well done. It weaves speeches from the national service (Bush, Graham) into the song.


  8. Ulrich Bozzo

    Ulrich Bozzo New Member

    Here is a poll concerning Canada:
    http://www.globeandmail.ca/servlet/RTGAMArticleHTMLTemplate/B,A/20010922/wxpoll?hub=homeBN&tf=tgam/realtime/fullstory.html&cf=tgam/realtime/config-neutral&vg=BigAdVariableGenerator &slug=wxpoll&date=20010922&archive=RTGAM&site=Front

    "The survey, done this week, found that 73 per cent of Canadians favour joining the United States in its battle against terrorism. But support plunges with the prospect of civilian casualties here. In that case, 43 per cent of respondents say they would oppose joining a war on terrorism. Canada's ambivalence contrasts sharply with the war fever in the United States, where polls show 85 per cent support for action on terrorism."

    "U.S. polls show 80 per cent support military action, even if it means increased taxes, oil and gas shortages, less money for education, a prolonged economic recession, more terrorist attacks in the United States and reinstituting mandatory military service.
    In Canada, support for a war on terrorism led by the United States is strongest in Ontario and Alberta and weakest in Quebec, where only 31 per cent support a war on terrorism if it would expose Canadians to terrorist attacks."

    Safe journey!

  9. Caballero Lacaye

    Caballero Lacaye New Member

    Hi, Ulrich!

    Interesting! Thanks a bunch!

    Though a little bit off topic, generally speaking, the country seen most favorably by Americans is Canada according to www.gallup.com :


    Strangely, the second country is not Great Britain but Australia (???).

    Of course, in military terms, I guess, the most important alliance is that of Great Britain. I suppose that Great Britain is one of the most powerful contries in Europe in regards to military power; is it not, Ulrich?

    In my opinion, the friendship between Great Britain and the USA is understandable. Spain, for instance, maintains close ties with some of its ex-colonies, sometimes coinciding in the "Alianza Iberoamericana".

    In the case of Canada, we all know that this country is like a sister country to the United States.

    In respect to Australia...I don't know.

    Well, I will try to check the board in Hamilton in about three days, that is, if I find a good Internet cafe (or maybe tomorrow before leaving).

    In closing, thank you for your good wishes.

    Bye for now,

    Karlos Al Lacaye
    [email protected]
  10. Ulrich Bozzo

    Ulrich Bozzo New Member

    A message for Bruce.

    I just watched a broadcast of the Italian television (RAI Uno).

    They spoke of a false piece of information spread by a foreign news agency soon after the events.This agency reported that Italy refused to assist in military action against the terrorists who caused thousands of victims.
    A member of the National Italian American Foundation said that the Italian-American community had been shocked by this false piece of information.
    As I told you,you read a piece of news which was simply wrong.The Italian government decided,soon after the events,that Italy will honor their NATO commitment.That was the original position of Berlusconi's government.And this position has not changed ever since.
    The Italian government did not react quicly when it knew about this falsity.Considering the gravity of events it's incomprehensible.A band of amateurs.


    If New-York announces its candidacy for the Olympic Games 2012 Rome will give up its own.

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