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  1. kozen

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    i happened to saw this ads in facebook and have anyone heard about this school? They offer Bachelors, Masters and Doctorals via DL too, and all taught in english. Located in Finland.

  2. Woho

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    It's kinda strange. It seems to be somewhat accredited in Belgum:
    I just looked through the list provided by my local government on accredited unversities in Belgum and the United Management Institute is nowhere to be found. But on the other hand they also don't recognize any DETC accredited institues so it might be not that significant :)
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    hi, i checked their website too. As i saw, in about umi page, they say that umi is registered in Finland. its sister school ubi is registered in Belgium (not umi) and umi offer its degrees. i checked ubi, they offer degrees from 1991. dude, everything is explained in their website. i don't think so that they have problem.
  4. Johann

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    Not Finnish degrees -- not Belgian either...

    Hi -

    I read the UMI site and then checked the UBI (Belgium) site. UMI is very specific that its degrees are NOT Finnish degrees - only those from listed Finnish Universities are. It goes on to say that UMI degrees are quality-reviewed by an org. of which UBI (Belgium) is the parent.

    There's also mention of a procedure for having a UMI degree declared "equivalent" to a Finnish degree. I have no idea of how well this would work - or if the same equivalency could be had for other countries.

    UBI (Belgium) degrees are "validated and awarded" by the University of Wales, UK. Certainly sounds like a prestigious endorsement. This well-known University has taken to "validating and awarding" degrees for quite a number of schools in recent years! We've read of some others in these pages.

    I'm saying NOTHING for/against the quality of education the school(s) provide - I'm not judging that. From their page, UMI would appear to me to be pretty well self-accrediting with quality assurance from the parent, UBI's, subsidiary, the QAB - Quality Assurance Board.

    By "self-accrediting" I don't mean UMI or its partners are necessarily doing anything shady. In some countries (not U.S.) self-accreditation is customary - just that UMI is not a Finnish University...and UBI doesn't appear (to me) to be a Belgian one either...Granted, the school is established in Belgium, but the degrees are "validated and awarded" by U. of Wales.

    What exact "equivalency" would a U.S. credential evaluator attach to these degrees? I have no idea, but I'd think the U. of Wales imprint should carry some weight on the UBI ones. The UMI degrees -- again, no idea at all.


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