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    When I was doing DL with Trinity, "accredited" by Liverpool :rolleyes: , even there proctored exams were required. The exam was handed to the proctor in a sealed envelop. None of these exams were objective. They all required 3-4 hours of writing. No helps as textbook, notes, or even Bible was allowed.

    On the other hand, at ACCS I never took any exam. Perhaps it is not coincidental , though many other factors are in play, that the latter school has lost NA accreditation, but the former has become an RA candidate for that.
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    I was responding to the following statement by someone named Mike Albrecht - That wouldn't be a relative - would it?

    "BTW, all my exams have either been at Colorado State or proctored!

    Mike Albrecht"

    You're right, it has nothing to do with the thread topic.
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    Which was in direct response to your statemnetL

    Which you subsequently changed to mean:

    Yes, you did forget, and more than just to cross you t's. You really need to start more critical thniking, and be more consistent in your arguments. Try thinking first than writing, and review what you have said previously. Which goes back to my original side bar (read insert link on this thread- can you find it?).
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    Why all the gnashing of teeth over degree one-upsmanship?
    If those degree snobs want to lament over who's degree is more viable than someone else's, perhaps they could go before the Department of Education and prostrate themselves before a commitee as to why they themselves in their infinite wisdom should be the only people called Dr.!

    What really torque's thier butts is the fact they still have to address someone else as Dr., even if it did cost half the price from another accredited institution. hahahhaha the illusion of ivy league schools still claims victims!
  5. Dennis Ruhl

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    I think I'll book off this thread - got to work on my critical thinking so I can be just like Mike.

    Then maybe I can understand where I was inconsistent.
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    In the United States real world all the comapnies I have worked for (about 7 including small and large businesses) require athat required degrees be from an institution having RA or national accreditation (as does the US federal govt).
    Why? Because they then know that the institution has been peer reviewed and meet minimum requirements .

    (I note when filing my income tax re educational expenses strict laws exist on what institutions are acceptable.)
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    <<off this thread>>
    Hi Unk,

    I took no offense whatsoever...I have always enjoyed your comments and knew exactly what you were doing. Between being Hispanic, conservative and LDS, I could choose to be in a perpetual state of being offended by someone. Life is too short and I refuse to take myself that seriously. My skin is pretty think (just ask my friend Bill Grover).

    I'll empty out my PM box--I didn't realize that it was full--thanks.

    Best wishes,


    P.S. you should have said "puerco rico" (rich pig) ;)
    <<back to this thread>>

    I have known people with doctorates from CCU, Pacific Western, Laurence, Newport and other non-RA schools that were gainfully employed and did well in their careers. I also know some with doctorates from Union who are also successful in their careers. In each case, the degree was earned "mid-career".

    In the case of Union, the doctorate was pursued for academic promotion by faculty or for achieving an administrative position. All of my Union PhD friends were able to reach these goals with their Union PhDs.

    The case of the Laurence U. PhD was unfortunate, in that it was a full-time community college faculty who was looking to advance on the pay scale and be one of the few "doctors" on the faculty. The college did not recognize his degree and his goals wer not met.

    The other non-RA PhDs were obtained by adjunct faculty or people in industry, law enforcement or other non-academic jobs. In each case, they had earned BA and MA degrees at RA institutions. They got their degrees for personal enrichment or job promotion purposes in areas where a PhD was not required (or even expected). With one exception, none of them (especially the cop) ever represented their degrees as being accredited. They were able to meet their goals with their non-RA degrees.

    Tony Pina
    Faculty, CSU San Bernardino
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  9. Bill Grover

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    Thanks, Tony.
    We heard you the first time, Bill.
    See, the glory of God is intelligence (despite us).
    Blessings, Janko
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    Union Institute & University

    Having, yet again, been accused by RC as being a liar, I've posted full details on two other forums about where my copy of his dissertation came from. It came from the Gary Library at Union.
    The Librarian at the Gary Library, Union Institute & University,
    was extremely helpful in ensuring I received a copy. Cost was $16 + $19 Air postage to NZ.
    I only hope that the librarian does not suffer at the hands of RC over this.
    I have now commenced reading the RC dissertation and will eventually produce an objective review of the work.
    Dr Anatidae (Knightsbridge)
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    Re: Union Institute & University

    I am interested, on several levels, to hear your review.

    Waiting with bated breath,
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    In my B&M graduate courses all but two courses (out of around 60 courses) had take home exams. The two in-class exams were in statistics and in measurement systems.
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    Point, set, match.

    CCU has take home exams, which have been criticized much, but are hardly unusual. Indeed, they are extremely common.

    I promised to book off this thread in hopes it would die, I apologize for returning.

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