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    U Nevada or U Nebraska?
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    Kizmet got confused. (Nevada? Nebraska? Both sparsely populated 'N' states with lots of wide open spaces.)

    The link she posted is to the U. of Nebraska's DL high school. It's long established, originally intended to serve kids on remote farms by correspondence. Apparently it's online now and quite good. Well worth a thread.

    The U. of Nevada has an online high school too, a very different animal, created for a very different purpose. It's the Davidson Academy, created to provide special support to "profoundly gifted" young people. To be admitted, a kid has to be in the top 99.9th percentile according to specified standardized tests. Each kid has a personalized study plan and the kids are grouped by ability and interests, not by age.

    Davidson was established by the state (based on a gift from a rich donor named Davidson, I think) and is a public school. It's founded by state legislation and it's administratively separate from the public school system. (Nevada says it's a third branch of the school system, alongside public schools and charter schools.) It's located on the U. of Nevada Reno campus. (Students can take UNR classes that they qualify for as part of their study plans.)

    Davidson Academy > Home

    It runs two different formats. One is a full-time day school located at the UNR campus. This is reportedly free to any Nevada resident that satisfies its admissions requirements. Since it's on-campus, all of its students live in Reno and are considered Nevada residents. They say that it's a small, tight-knit and mutually supportive community of very smart kids.

    The other format (newly open for the 2017-18 school year) is a synchronous online program open to students anywhere in the United States that meet Davidson's admissions requirements.

    Davidson Academy Online High School

    This one is free to Nevada residents who aren't living in Reno. For students outside Reno it charges a flexible tuition based on family income. This maxes out at $15,000/yr.

    Davidson Academy launches online school for gifted students
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