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    Too bad you've watched all fictional TV shows. Maybe if you watched real life shows like UK Border Force you could become the head of the Home Office.
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    No -that's Priti Patel's job. I can't have it. Neither can you, at least not in the foreseeable. If in doubt - see Boris Johnson. He'll confirm that, I think.

    Anyway - I quit watching TV years ago, about the time reality shows were all the rage. Don't like reality - or the shows. Heck, even DI is more fun. :) G'night, now....
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  3. Johann

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    I was born in England. Grew up in Cold War times. Never thought I'd live to see a UK Prime Minister named Boris! Heck, back in those days, even a Prime Minister named Doris would be unheard of. Times change - some changes are good.
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  4. innen_oda

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    IF you want to work in the UK later on, and don't already have connections in the UK, then a student visa that allows work is the best way to make connections. If you already have the network to get you where you want to go and the degree is more a formality, or for personal interest, then it's up to you.

    I'd do it without question, but I'm working in my 4th country because I enjoy culture shock and relocating overseas, so YMMV. You'll have to balance what you'd give up in opportunities in your home country, versus opportunities in the UK.

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