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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by graduate, Nov 19, 2018.

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    I'm looking to get some first hand information about the online Ph.D in Computer and Info Sciences offered by UALR (University of Arkansas @Little Rock).
    So far I'm circling around with the admin/admission folks with not so much luck on my side.
    Is there any current student here who can help me locating the right person to get some particular information about the program?
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    Whenever you are looking at potential programs, I would evaluate the courses and specializations offered.
    I would be loathe to call this a computer or IT-related degree, which is the subject of the subforum. There are two tracks: information quality and information science. Look at these offerings carefully. This is more directed to people interested in information science or information systems.
    There is nothing wrong with either of these, but if you are looking for a computer or IT-related degree, this is not what I would invest your time and energy in.
  4. ciha

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    joined to chime in here, as i like this program. the info sci concentration has data science classes, which is a typical tech/cs subspecialty these days. the offerings are in line with other programs--visualization, machine learning, network analysis, social analysis, etc.

    the professors in the program are very approachable so i'd contact them directly vs any admin/admission people.
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    I'm actually jumping through the hoops of applying for a Spring 2020 enrollment as we speak. Like ciha mentioned I like the data science slant to the info science concentration. Thus far everyone's been extremely pleasant to work with.
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  6. ciha

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    spring 2019 or 2020?

    good luck!
  7. graduate

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    Thanks guys, I had a conversation with the program coordinator for Information Quality stream which is surely I'm not much interested in. Waiting on a response from Information Science folks to get some more info on that A Data Science sounds little more attractive depending on what courses they offer.
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    and other electives
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    Sorry for reviving this thread but I feel that it's still relevant.

    Anyways, I joined this forum for this thread in particular. I just got accepted into their online Phd for Spring 2020. So if you or anyone else is considering this program, let me know and I can help!
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  10. ciha

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    congrats! what was the application process like?
    which track?
    what are your goals with the program?
  11. Chuckie23

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    Thanks! The application process was easy and the university was VERY engaged and transparent. There were frequent updates sent as they received items. Virtually no delays on their part.

    Honestly it was probably the best admissions process I've been through.

    Also, I'm doing the information science track. I have 13+ years experience in the business intelligence and data science realms. So it aligns nicely.

    As far as plans, it's mostly a personal accomplishment. Although, it won't hurt seeing it on a resume.
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    did you consider any other programs? what made ualr win?
  13. ciha

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    does anyone have any updates about this program?
  14. ciha

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    Do they accept ACE credits? it looks like their tuition fee is really low.
  16. ciha

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