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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by RFValve, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. RFValve

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    I got an offer to be an adjunct with TUI University. The pay seems to be low as they offer $50 dollars per student enrolled in an online course. I wonder if anyone here is working with them and knows how much time is involved to support their students. I'm evaluating if it is worth the time to work with them so any feedback from online adjuncts working with them will be appreciated.
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    Have not taught but have been a student. You turn in 10 papers (2-5 pages)and have a threaded discussion. The instructor participation in the discussion in minimal. The papers get graded with some comments. Some comments are very detailed and others just throw in a "good point", "nice suggestion", or "not exactly right but you get the idea". At $50 a student you could probably grade all the papers in under an hour.
  3. Dave Wagner

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    I've taught for TUI University for three years. That pay is about right when you compare what you are being asked to do. Take the offer. The school is going places. Once you are on-board, let me know. I'm happy to help you, if I can.
  4. RFValve

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    Thanks, I appreciate your input.
  5. RFValve

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    Thanks for your advice. How many hours do you spend at TUI on average and how much do you get for this? I'm planning to start with them in November but need to plan the hours.
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    TUI U Is Going Places

    Hi Dave,

    What do you mean that the school is going places?
  7. Dave Wagner

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    I should know the answer to this question, but I don't keep time logs. Your time is going to vary depending on what you think are the priorities. A few months ago, I started using a Blackberry so I could answer student emails within a few hours; this seems to help our military students who are around the world. I honestly don't know how much time I spend tending to email, but in the middle of the term, email demands are pretty minimal. For 40 students, I try to allocate about an hour a day for grading papers, sending broadcast emails and answering email, except at the end of the module (six per term), during which I allocate a few half days to grade the influx of papers. I tend to provide more comprehensive feedback early in the course, so that students can correct more issues earlier. I spend a little bit of time tending to the discussion threads, but this is a smaller component than at other online schools. At TUI University, the syllabus is already built, so your time is spent interpreting the syllabus and forwarding suggestions to a coordinating faculty member who maintains editorial control over the course.

    Overall, I like the mostly military students, other faculty, and the pace of the twelve week terms. (I grew up around bases as a USAF dependent, so it means something to help non-commissioned officers who make everything run, or a B-52, KC-135, or other pilot who is submitting papers in between missions...)
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    I mean hockey-stick charts and blue sky... or CAVU (ceiling and visibility unlimited, which has also been dubbed CAFB).
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    Hi Dave,

    Are you implying that TUIU has bright future? Could you elaborate?
  10. Dave Wagner

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    I don't have any specifics, but cool things seem to be happening.
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    Do the math

    Do the math...

    50 dollars per student
    12 week long class sessions
    25 students per class
    --That totals $1,250 for the entire 12 week long class.

    During the class, you will be grading (2) papers, around 10 pages total every two weeks. You will also be responding to discussion questions and responses. The real kicker is that you have to grade any paper that is submitted within 72 hours. That means you could be grading papers every day.

    It is a lot of work for little money. If you are trying to break into online teaching and you need a reference for your resume, do it. If not, their pay is really really low compared to other schools.
  12. RFValve

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    Thanks, I decided not to take the assignment. I pay a lot more to my own teaching assistants so it looks like someone is making a lot of money. I looked at their faculty roster and it looks like they hire mainly their own graduates that might be the only ones willing to make less than minimum wage for this.
  13. _T_

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    Just thought I'd offer some more insight to this for anyone who is interested. I'm finishing up the course work for my Ph.D. from TUI in a few weeks and I can honestly tell you that I receive about 35 seconds worth of feedback on most of my papers. Most of this consists of a copy and pasted email that says something like "You were asked to prepare a paper about XXXX and to address points associated with XXX. You did this well."

    Take that for what it is worth.
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    Good point. As a general rule, PhD students require significantly less feedback than do undergraduates and even graduate students. I would be curious to see what the level of detail is for feedback for these groups.

    Regardless of that, $50 per student is not enough especially when combined with time-restrictive requirements.
  15. rmm0484

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    APUS pays 150 per student for an 8 week graduate course.
  16. RFValve

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    Kind of sad that students have to pay so much and get so little. The school is a money making machine, they charge small fortunes and pay very little to maximize profits.
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    Trident University International, fka TUI University, fka Touro University International
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    It is a little ridiculous. I work for a couple different Universities teaching online part time and TUI pays less than half. I left after one course.
  20. RFValve

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    They were also the only school that did not offer to pay for training.

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