Trump's leagal team

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Mar 27, 2018.

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    And here I thought Ty Cobb was a baseball player.
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    My first point would be that Cobb has been gone from the White House for some time and so his knowledge of the current status of the investigation is likely to be sketchy. In addition, he has no real information regarding the House investigations, which are just now ramping up. Secondly, since he is off the team his loyalties are up for grabs. He has no need to make statements to the press on any of these matters and so his motives for doing so come into question. Why go to the press to make positive statements about Mueller? My answer is that he is hedging his bets. He doesn't want to get caught on the wrong side of this conflict. The fact his "actual words" did not condemn Trump shouldn't be surprising. He is, after all, a Washington lawyer. So, with that said, my answer to your question is yes. The fact that he went to the press to make a statement in praise of Mueller is an indication that he thinks that Trump is in trouble, regardless of what he said (or didn't say) about Trump.
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    I haven't verified, but if you believe the article, Ty Cobb was very much in the "Mueller is a good man, this isn't a witch hunt and even if it is Mueller is doing what he was asked to do" camp even while he was on the case. Him saying good things about Bob Mueller, just like our new Attorney General has said good things about him, is indicative of good character and honesty and noting his lifetime of being a trustworthy and honorable man. You can think highly of Mueller, as do I, without agreeing with the scope and length of the investigation. I am not sure if he went to the press, or if they went to him, regardless he likely answered a question they asked.
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    I understand your point and I can't prove that you're wrong. At the same time I know that, even if the press went to Cobb, all he had to do was say "No comment" and there would be no story. In the end it's of no real consequence as the situation will proceed along it's course regardless of whether you or I or neither of us is correct in our interpretation.

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    Ty Cobb the baseball player is an ancestor of the lawyer with the same name.

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