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    Maybe, Steve - but I've noticed quite a few can be induced to do it on command by the press just about any time. Tell you what - in Trump's case, I'll worry about that sometime - right after I worry about the 2045 Stanley Cup - and you KNOW how I feel about hockey!
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    I voted Browne/Jorgensen in 1996 :)

    My gosh, 24 years ago. Where's the time go? :p
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    Trump Strategy on the GOP side is simple.

    To deliver as much as possible on his promises.
    I mean he worked on the issues as he promised. Some are a partial success.
    I think he did well in his 4 years, even with all the attacks and sabotages that he had to overcome.
    Trump rolls back EPA rules, while the agency is still there - Partial success and action were taken to fulfill campaign promise.
    Under Trump HBCUs and vocational education are ensured future funding
    Trump has largely kept a promise to reverse Obama’s Cuba policy
    Trump comes through on a pledge to rewrite NAFTA
    Trump furthers NATO's spending trend - promised to get the NATO members to pay the dues.
    Donald Trump’s 2018 official card says "Merry Christmas"
    Create a private White House veterans hotline.
    Trump administration launched it's White House’ veteran's hotline, based in West Virginia | August 9, 2018
    Move U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
    Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem | May 14, 2018
    Suspend immigration from terror-prone places
    U.S. Supreme Court upholds Donald Trump’s travel ban | June 26, 2018
    Keep Guantanamo Bay Detention Center open
    Trump signs order keeping Guantanamo prison open | January 31, 2018
    Create a 10-percent repatriation tax
    The new repatriation tax rate isn't 10 percent, but it's close | December 20, 2017
    Cancel the Paris climate agreement
    Trump says U.S. pulling out of Paris climate agreement | June 1, 2017
    Nominate someone from his list of justices to replace Antonin Scalia
    Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty Supreme Court seat left by Scalia | January 31, 2017
    Reverse Barack Obama's 2016 gun executive order
    Trump signs resolution to reverse Obama's executive order on gun control | April 19, 2017
    Slash federal regulations
    Trump signs executive order directing that for every new regulation, two be repealed | January 31, 2017
    Stop TPP
    Trump orders TPP withdrawal | January 23, 2017
    Trans-Pacific Partnership
    Eliminate the marriage penalty
    The marriage penalty mostly eliminated, but not entirely | December 21, 2017
    Hire American workers first
    Trump promised immigration controls to prioritize American workers. He fulfilled his pledge, in part
    Place lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for a foreign government
    Trump’s lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments still in effect
    Save the Carrier plant in Indiana
    Fewer jobs, but the plant remains open
    Increase veterans' health care
    More money and more options for veterans
    Raise tariffs on goods imported into the U.S.
    Trump sticks by a promise to raise import tariffs
    Use U.S. steel for infrastructure projects
    Trump issues executive order on steel, and imports drop

    There are more promises that partially fulfilled or unfulfilled.
    After 3 years there was a count of 390 Promises fulfilled.
    Maybe in the next 4 years, he will fulfill the rest.
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    One could just as easily say that Trump made good on a variety of threats, not promises.

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