Troy's Ph.D. in Global Leadership

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    I don't know if this has been discussed before, as I did not do an exhaustive search.

    Troy University has an online Ph.D. in Global Leadership (tuition is $550/credit).
    • Public Administration
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Strategic Communication
    • Instructional Leadership, and Administration
    • Higher Education

    Although this program is not AACSB accredited, Troy's Sorrell College of Business is AACSB accredited (general and accounting).

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Nice find! Earning a Ph.D. from not a well-ranking school might not have a good return in investment.
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    Which school are you pursuing your Ph.D.?
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    For someone who presumptuously critiques other people's grammar on a regular basis, that is one of the most sloppily worded questions I have ever seen here.

    So perhaps Tom will simply ignore your question, just as you have ignored, like a chickenshit, the issue about you that I raised here:


    Back to my delightfully peaceful self-quarantine from DI . . .
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    Steve has returned after his brief rapture! Does rather liven things up. Kind of the Howard Stern of Distance Learning.
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    People seem to be happy to borrow 2 or 3 times the amount to earn a PhD at Walden or Capella. Not sure that is worth it. More likely to get some kind of boost from the lower cost PhD from Troy. Just my thought.

    Though I wonder if there are some positions or HR people where the doctorate over qualifies you and makes them wonder if you really would rather be a professor and why you are applying with them.
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    Oh, I don't know. Most people with PhDs have them from "not well-ranking" schools. While I'm pretty certain a school's reputation matters, it does not preponderate. So many other factors--what you researched, who supervised your research, what your future interests are--are big factors, too. And if you go to the private sector, it narrows even more. A few schools will stand out, but most will blend in. No one really knows or cares about the differences between Troy, Fielding, Union, or whatever. They might recognize a school because it is famous. They might recognize a school because it is infamous. But almost all schools fall somewhere in between, and people simply will not bother to make distinctions that make a difference.

    I have a doctorate from a no-name school. No one has ever--EVER--questioned it. I also have a doctorate from a school ranked 166th in the world. No one has ever--EVER--noticed that ranking. It just doesn't matter.

    What would matter more is the community you join in your doctoral studies. For most DL programs, that is non-existent or (in my case) irrelevant. But being around a bunch of scholars at a top-notch school could matter a lot--and a lot more than that school's ranking.

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    I said, "might not"; it does not mean it does not have a good return on investment. I have seen some Harvard University Ph.D. holder working at Capella University. I also have been people graduate of California Southern University with a Doctor of Business Administration and unemployed. Also, someone who graduates from Capella University holds a solid position at a prestigious university. So, it depends on the individual. :)
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