Transferring an ABD into a new doctoral program??

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by sulla, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. sulla

    sulla New Member

    Does anyone know of any American school that has a special doctoral completion program for ABDs?

    The only one I'm familiar with so far is Saybrook Institute. I'm already familiar with the UK and Aussie universities, but I would like to know of any RA American schools that provides this service.

    Thanks in advance, :)

  2. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

  3. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Ave Sulla! I spent a long, long time looking into this, and I believe that Bruce has given you the complete list. A one-on-one negotiation with a given university might possibly produce results, but the odds are against it. I'm not knocking UIU, but the residency requirements and high tuition are not for everyone. If you discover any other options (RA US), please post. Carpathicus.
  4. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    An on-the-ball Degreeinfo member alerted me to this doctoral completion program for ABDs at Saybrook a while back:

    A good opportunity to finish what you started at a regionally accredited university.

    Another (better known) university is working on a similar program leading to a doctorate in education but the program's coordinator has sworn me to secrecy until the program is ready for prime time.

    Tony Piña
    Faculty, Cal State U. San Bernardino
  5. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    Ave Antonius: Thanks for the information. Sounds like a good alternative to UIU for those able to do the residential portion (and pay the tuition). I hope your little secret works out--and sets a precedent. Carpathicus
  6. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Any idea when prime time might be? Enquiring minds want to know...

    Tom Nixon
    (who has about as much interest in getting a doctorate as he does in wrestling alligators)
  7. me again

    me again Well-Known Member

    While I was reading the Northcentral University website, I came across the following:
  8. Denver

    Denver Member

    In my program there is a student that was ABD at another university. The university was willing to accept her research, but she still has to complete her dissertation to the school’s standards. She will probably be able to finish in two years instead of the normal three.

    Denver Mullican
    Grenoble Graduate School of Business
    Ranked 37th in Europe by
  9. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but no. UI&U requires each learner to build an entire degree program. While prior learning is acknowledged, it is built upon. Each UI&U doctoral program must be able to stand on its own. It is not a degree-completion service for ABD's. Of course, many ABD's are drawn to Union, but they have to identify the new major learning components that will be in their Union programs, and then complete those.
  10. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The tuition is high, and is non-ending. You pay a flat rate for each semester, no matter how much work you do. Also, you pay all-year-around. It comes out to about $40 dollars per day, 365 days per year. Believe me, Union learners hear the tuition clock ticking all the time.

    The residency requirements are quite flexible when compared to other programs. The 25 days one must spend in UI&U-sponsored seminars and colloquia are scheduled at the discretion of the learner. The learner chooses where and when to attend. One or two Entry Colloquia are offered each month, and about double that number of seminars. The learner decides which to attend. As a result, travel, family, and work-related difficulties can be minimized. (Entry Colloquia and seminars are offered all around the country and even outside the U.S.)

    The other 10 days, Peer Days, can be done anywhere 3 or more learners can gather for 8 hours. These can be in one's local area, another location, in conjunction with seminars (before or after) and even online.

    Union used to require that seminar and colloquia attendees stay on-location, but that is no more. So one can save even more on accomodations by choosing residencies held in one's local area (if available).
  11. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I've mentioned in the past that I get the newsletter published by the National Association of Social Workers and that this newsletter frequently has ads for various schools. The two most common are Walden and SCUPS. Todays edition had a new ad, this one was for the International University for Graduate Studies. The ad reads:
    You may have completed your graduate course requirements to earn your PhD.
    International University of Graduate Studies
    An accredited university, established in 1979 under English law deriving its degree granting powers from the Companies Act.
    All graduate courses from accredited institutions accepted for transfer.
    70-90 graduate credits required for the PhD.
    Specializing in Mental Health Programs
    Behavioral Health
    Forensic Mental Health
    Addiction Studies

    Perhaps I'm an overly suspicious person but I think I detect a foul odor. If someone were to check this out it could be interesting.
  12. Dennis Ruhl

    Dennis Ruhl member

    Companies Act?? - I am not going to waste my time checking.
  13. BobC

    BobC New Member

    St. Kitts / Nevis Accreditation. Another Berne-like school.
  14. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    My friend is busy trying to convince some "higher ups" in the administration (alas, where so many wonderful ideas die) that this would be a viable idea. I offered to alert the Degreeinfo crowd, but he felt that publicity might tick off the administrators. I gave him info about Saybrook and Union, which should be good ammunition.

    If all goes well, the ABD to PhD degree program might be up and running next year.

  15. tcnixon

    tcnixon Active Member

    Your friend might considering using these magic words:

    Cash Cow!!!

    Sometimes that convinces administrators.

    Tom Nixon

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