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    Click bait. The page consists of 51 slides that you click through, each one bringing you more advertising.

    The rankings are from QS. I've always been a bit skeptical about them since QS looks like it might have some conflict of interest. They are a British based company that specializes in recruiting east Asian students (willing to pay top-dollar) to western (often British) universities. And perhaps unsurprisingly, British and east Asian universities occupy a disproportionate number of the top spaces. The usual American suspects are there too, typically ones that attract lots of Asian students. My spider-sense tells me that it's marketing as much as anything.

    But apparently it works. I get the impression that wealthy parents in east Asia (not Japanese so much, mostly ethnic Chinese) push their kids mercilessly to get into "top" universities in the US or Europe, seeing them as golden doors to future success, power and wealth. To these families, it really does matter whether their child is accepted into #4 over #5 on some list, if only for bragging.
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    In my own opinion this is true of all the ranking systems. Still, it's amusing as long as you don't take it too seriously.
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    Yeah, but #8 in the world? It's hard to take that seriously.
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    Does the name 'University of London' sound "top 10"? (Maybe, maybe not. Probably in some subjects in some respects.)

    Well, we know that the University of London is a multi-institution system (like the University of California). Perhaps the most prominent of the U of L colleges is University College London. (It's arguable.)

    UCL at #8 doesn't seem all that outlandish to me. Given faculty, facilities, research, prominent graduates, awards won and so on, a case can be made.
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