This smells like a mill...anyone?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by friendorfoe, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Backdated degrees....they even claim to be accredited.

    the domain is registered to Marsha Marshall...operating out of:

    8020 Blankenship dr.
    Houston, TX. 77055
    The phone number is not a Houston number....+1.6305624363

    Isn't this illegal in Texas?:D
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  2. galanga

    galanga New Member

    the call to make... to David Linkletter, Texas Higher Ed Coordinating Board to se ewhat to do next.

    If you have time, please do, and keep us posted!

  3. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Both of the accrediting agencies that accredit this school accredit only about seven or eight schools. I wonder why. And did you check whether either of these accrediting agencies is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the United States Department of Education ? I suspect not.
  4. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    They guarantee delivery of your degree in ten days. That just might suggest that they are other than legitimate.
  5. galanga

    galanga New Member

    Maybe they're delivering curriculum a la "blipvert."

    You know, "accelerated education for accelerated development," to quote a Minister of Education.
  6. Xtra

    Xtra New Member

    It looks very professionaly done but from the accredited body and the universities accredited by the accrediting agency looks alike. It even worse then WAUC accrediting body.

    PETEUSA1 New Member

    A 630 number is South Chicago suburbs.
  8. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Duck test....:rolleyes:
  9. bullet

    bullet New Member

    what no FEDEX

    Ten days????? What no FEDEX in Texas? I thought all of those commercials about FEDEX that reaches us, down here, were true......

  10. Revkag

    Revkag New Member

    Hope it comes soon!

    Hope my medical degree comes in soon... I have a brain transplant scheduled for Thursday and the patient wants to look at my diploma.... :D
  11. marilynd

    marilynd New Member

    And if the major you seek is not on their list, just type it in and they'll add it automatically.

    Now that's service!

    I always wanted a degree in Transpersonal Klingon Psychology


  12. marilynd

    marilynd New Member

    BTW, galanga is right. This school is most definitely illegal in the state of Texas.

    Now, the extent to which the understaffed THECB can do anything about . . . . well, we'll see.

  13. mcdirector

    mcdirector New Member

    This is a nice feature:

    AND look what you get for your money:

    And to think I've been sweating out tuition all these years, when for less than the price of one couse . . .

  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Love this comparison they make with "other" universities:

    Belford University:

    Fully accredited from a reputable
    accrediting agency


    Not accredited

    What rubbish!
  15. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

    Its almost as if WE are the idiots...what with all the working, the paying, the getting nagged at by the wife, when all we had to do was call these guys...
  16. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    No. Tick....tick....tick....tick....BOOM!:D
  17. friendorfoe

    friendorfoe Active Member

  18. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    WOW...a bachelors, masters AND doctoral degree for only $1034!!! They even have a 100 percent money-back guarantee "if you do not get approved", i.e. your check doesn't clear.

    But hey, they've got a heart. On their home page I noticed they include a link to make a donation to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina victims.
  19. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Belford U In The News!!!

    Scandal unsettles Highland Village council
    Fake-degree saga marked by communication gap

    08:10 AM CDT on Friday, September 2, 2005

    By JAY PARSONS / The Dallas Morning News

    HIGHLAND VILLAGE – City staffers connected the dots four months ago: City Secretary Shari Kuykendall bought a fake college degree for $399 with a city-issued credit card. The degree led to her international certification as a municipal clerk, which triggered $7,200 in raises.

    Council members insisted the fake degree was irrelevant until The Dallas Morning News reported the connection to the raises on Aug. 19. Ms. Kuykendall resigned four days later.

    "It wasn't until shortly before she resigned when I thought, 'Man alive, I got fooled,' " council member Fred Busche said.

    Until last week, council members didn't know a bachelor's degree counted as half the 100 points needed for certification.

    They also didn't know offers degrees in seven days without classes, exams or homework.
  20. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Re: Belford U In The News!!!

    Hmm. A degree triggers an raise worth, in the first year alone, 18 times the tuition paid for the entire degree and council members insist the fake degree is irrelevant? Hmm.

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