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  1. Alter Gant

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    Maybe you have already talked about this, but what do you think about ThePowerMBA? Is it really an MBA, or just a certification? It also says you only need to stdy 15min a day...
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    Does ThePowerMBA have an official accreditation?

    NO. We are not officially accredited by any institution or government agency. And we are proud of it. We strongly believe that accreditation constrains flexibility, leading to outdated learnings, curricular stagnation and inefficient programs.

    Based on the Google search, the program base is in Spain. You could get a propio MBA from Spain that is backed by an accredited University for even cheaper that would actually get evaluated as a U.S. equivalent degree and offer some credit/transfer utility.

    This program does have some big names behind it, but just how behind it they are is always the question with things like this. In any case, if their claims check out, then this would be something to be used as a supplement in the proper circumstance. For instance, you're applying to a company that uses the PowerMBA as a training system, or you know your resume is going to a person who went through the PowerMBA training and so you add that to your resume. But I personally wouldn't complete a program like this and start adding 'MBA' after my name.
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    "But I personally wouldn't complete a program like this and start adding 'MBA' after my name."

    Yeah, so it should be mentioned as a completed certification, rather than an actual MBA. Besides, you can do free courses out there.
    It's a good idea, but it's not an MBA. It isn't acredited.
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    Just to clarify a little of my earlier statement: unaccredited can still be legitimate, and it would be perfectly fine to list a legitimate unaccredited MBA as an MBA after your name (in the proper professional setting of course) as long as the school you got it from is operating legally and legitimately where they are located, otherwise you would basically be helping to participate in something illegitimate.

    ThePowerMBA may be operating legally and legitimately where they reside, but with the Spanish schools we've learned that schools offering degrees that are not certified by an accredited University in Spain are generally expected to have less favorable evaluation outcomes. Since ThePowerMBA doesn't appear to be certified by anyone anywhere, its utility is almost certain to be limited to its involved network of companies and former students, and for that reason I would feel uncomfortable using the MBA title in this situation.
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    "PowerMBA" sounds like it would blow away all Ivy League MBA's combined. The only thing better is a "SuperMBA" or maybe a "OMGMBA". I'll wait until those are available before I sign up. LOL.
  7. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member usual, reality is stranger than fiction...
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    For maximum happiness, I'm waiting for the M-B-Yay!
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    Disagree! I would go for a KingKongMBA or GodzillaMBA instead! :cool:
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    The PowerMBA has the same value as a Udemy certificate or a "nanodegree" from Udacity. You will have to list it under continuous professional development as a certificate. Listing this as an MBA will backfire.
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    The PowerMBA is not a good idea if you plan to work for someone. It is great that you could learn the knowledge and skill to run your own business. When working for someone else, a credential must be legit.

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