The Secret History of Marxist Alien Hunters

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Lerner, Nov 18, 2020.

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    What's the problem? There are Marxists who like to drink beer. Does that make beer evil? Does it make beer specific to Marxists? No. Okay - so there are Marxists who like to speculate about aliens - and a subset who like to think aliens might even share their Marxist thinking. We speculate about aliens - some of us - over here, too. Maybe some in Canada think that aliens are Liberals, others think aliens are Conservatives. No problem, but I shudder at the thought of an NDP alien. The terrestrial NDP is frightening enough. :)

    Back in the day - I drank some Communist beer -TsingTao from China. It was really good. That's likely because Germans working in China originally created it and the Chinese brewers were smart enough not to deviate from the original recipe. Try it. I promise it won't turn you into a Communist, Lerner! :) Beer can't do that. Neither can an interest in aliens. (BTW - Obolon beer from Ukraine is great too. Can't forget to mention that! )

    It's all about money, here. That ex-guitarist from Blink-182 is as imaginative as a musician should be. He's thought up a good way to make money - a "perpetually funded" Starfleet Academy or whatever it is. Yep. About money. All of it.
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    So is Beer Lao, despite being made with rice.
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    Some Western Decadent Imperial influence there, Steve. :) Lao Brewery (Vientiane) is one of the Carlsberg Group (Copenhagen, Denmark). Well, at least Denmark is (moderately) Socialist. Not a one-party outfit like Laos, though. As long as it's really good beer, as you say - nobody should mind.

    Perhaps Laos has discovered the value that limited Capitalism -and good beer - bring.
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    I can see the ads now: "If you only have One Party - this is the beer for You!"
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    When I saw the thread's title, I assumed it was about ICE.
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    I guess not and I'm sorry if I offended any Danes by the suggestion. Jeg er virkelig ked af det. Du kan dræbe mig nu. (I am truly sorry. You may kill me, now.) :)

    Yes they do have a market economy - and they have much better social safety nets than a lot of other countries - including America. I've found that often, Americans brand any safety net (e.g. Canadian-style health care) as "socialist." To Americans, it's often synonymous with "Iron Curtain." Socialism to me, does not necessarily mean Totalitarianism, or a planned economy.

    Dustin, a DI member who recently left Canada, wrote (I capsulize) that in Canada, the top people don't do as well as their counterparts in the US - but those at the bottom do considerably better than those at the lower economic end in the US; there are safety nets in place. I agree. And I think the same applies to Denmark.

    If Danes don't like the word "Socialism" I'll refrain from using it, when talking about Denmark. At home, I think we have some policies that are of Socialist origin, e.g. Tommy Douglas, a declared Socialist, pioneered our Health System. But although we have Socialist principles in the mix, we don't have a Socialist government - in particular, one with the overtones of the dreaded "Socialism" as the term is perceived in America.

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