The MBA is in crisis

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    Despite all the rumors you've heard, I'm here to assure you that Rich is not necessarily replacing the Dean of the Harvard Business School. I think.
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    Not much info for us here, really. It's an overview of the distance MBA process and possibilities and general advantages and disadvantages. How you should choose your program using a few basic criteria. How the cost could range from about 3,500 to 15,000 Euros. Only one specific MBA course is discussed. It's a 5-University Euro-collaboration over 2 years and entails 6 weeks of classes at whichever of the five schools you prefer.
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    D'accord, ici je comprend! Merci Duolingo.
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    So here's another article, this one entitled Are Online MBA Programs Worth It? It seems to miss two key points. The first is that many people don't really have the choice between an online program or a campus-based program. As we know, many people do not have the luxury of leaving their jobs and other responsibilities to sit in a classroom and so in that way it's really an inaccurate comparison. The other point is one that we can borrow from the notebooks of our Gen Z members and that is the fact that a growing percentage of young college age students do not see "online" as being "less than." These are people who have grow up, from the time of their birth, with smart phones, laptops and any number of devices that have wired them to the web and so they don't think of online learning as new, weird, or somehow illegitimate. This trend is only going to continue and within a reasonable time frame the number of people who see online degrees as somehow unusual, suspect or inferior will be reduced to a point where it just won't matter anymore.

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