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Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by Kizmet, Aug 14, 2016.

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    I see this as very good for DL, because there's probably no college/university in the US more steeped in old-school tradition than The Citadel (along with VMI). If they're embracing online programs, that really says something, IMO.
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    Bruce is right. But I think this also represents a fantastic opportunity for members of the U.S. Military. I Knew lots of people who earned degrees from U Phoenix. They were especially popular, for a time, for officers to earn a Masters (typically an MBA). As far as a "check the box" degree it did fine. But for a career soldier/sailor/airman/marine/coast guardsman to be able to earn a graduate degree from The Citadel while stationed across the the globe, that's something special right there.

    I hope that enlisted service members will take advantage of this opportunity. I'd hate to see a "Officers get degrees from the Citadel and Enlisted get degrees from AMU" trend persist. This is a real opportunity to break down some of those walls.

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