The cheapest online IT Bachelor's degree?

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    Yesterday I post somewhere about considering dropping my current master of CS in Indonesia to enroll in an online uni.
    Upgrad asked me to pay full at the front, I don't have that amount of money to pay in the front. So I think I cannot study there. So I decided to apply to the other two unis:

    Total fee around 4000 Euro.
    I applied here and they said I am admitted to the program, but I should present duly certificate and get them sworn translated. Because of the current condition, I am applying for postponing the requirement. Now I am waiting for their reply if I can start studying this term.

    Total fee 16000 Euro, but they are offering a scholarship. I have applied for the scholarship today, still waiting for their reply.

    Edit: I am considering more pure math/statistics. If anyone by any chance any DL program that offering it, please let me know.
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    11k GBP up front payment is a terrible idea. I don't think I will consider using upgrad....

    UK universities allow you to pay per module:

    Paying in instalments

    Nine instalments: 20% on enrolment, then eight equal payments by direct debit on the last working day of the month commencing in October, or via automatic payments from your credit or debit card (please note that this particular option is only available to postgraduate students).

    So the program costs only 6k GBP and you can pay in 9 installments... 660 GBP per month.
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    To summarize:
    Cheapest degrees are from India
    UK/US minimum $4000
    Australia/Canada are no good/expensive (for foreigners at least)
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    UK has the best options for 6k - 11k GBP.
    US degrees are still too expensive. There's no way to get IT degree from top 200 US universities without paying at least $30k+.

    Canada - no online IT degrees available from top schools... they're not interested in online IT, CS programs
    Australia - no online IT degrees available from top schools... they're not interested in online IT, CS programs
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    The price is nice actually. But that is an IT program, not a CS. CS is more math than IT. For my purpose, CS is what should I do.

    I found an affordable degree, MSc for CS only for 6000 GBP, around 7400 USD.
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    I know that school but its name 'wrexham glyndŵr' will look kinda funny on my resume. And it doesn't have any world ranking...

    I'm sticking with London Metropolitan University. So my goal is getting BSc in Computer Science, then master in IT.
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    Hello Mac Juli & Nomaduser,

    I am interested in pursuing a top up UK degree from Derby or another institution that works for me. Could you weigh on a few question that I have regarding an HND and Computing & IT top-up degrees? I would appreciate any insight that you can provide in relation to my question.

    1) Is there an issue with the way the HND Level 6 for Computing and IT from the LSIB or LSPM are perceived by university admission staff when wanting to use it to transfer into a top Bsc (Hons) degree?

    2) Is it worth pursing a Level 6 HND qual from those organizations in terms of reputation perception by employers and the general public from LSIB or LSPM?

    3) In term of quality, do you know of any success stories of anyone being able transfer into a quality top-up computing & IT program?

    4) Have you heard from anyone in regards to the quality instruction that LSIB and LPSM offered to their students?
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  11. Mac Juli

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    Note that I only know that there is this the possibility to do first the Level 5 course (which is not an HND itself, but an equivalent to an HND) and then doing the TopUp-Degree, but I neither know someone who did it nor I did it myself. Regarding #1 and #3, I would recommend double-checking with the university if Derby or any other institution which you would like to go to.

    I, personally, went to the Open University, which is very good and recommendable, did a DipHE (Open). However, it is not really cheap...

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
  12. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Hey, you need to verify that with universities.

    University of Hertfordshire, for example, refused to accept anything from LSIB, LPSM, etc.
    Also, University of Portsmouth refused to accept LSIB and LPSM.
    They require a diploma that takes 2 years to complete.. so 6 month LSIB and LPSM diplomas will not qualify.

    BUT, Middlesex University said they can take LSIB and LPSM diplomas.
  13. asianphd

    asianphd Active Member

    Isn't it just because of the number of credits?
    For example, the OU UK requires undergraduates to obtain 360 credits. The LSIB and LSPM (actually they are Ofqual registered, the most important part is the Ofqual one, not just because the LSIB, LPSM per se). By transferring 120 credits from them, we just need 240 credits for a degree from OU.
  14. asianphd

    asianphd Active Member

    I once asked OU about the degree, maybe last year. I am interested in their Maths & Physics degree or Combined STEM degree.
    The OU is very respectable, the cost of a bachelor's degree is about 18576 GBP. It's not included in the exam fees that I should pay. Because I am in Indonesia, I should take the exam in the British Council with additional fees. I also may need to pay another textbook fees, etc.

    Their credit transfers are quite interesting tbh.

    Completed qualification
    If you completed this qualification at one of the institutions previously listed you may be eligible for credit transfer up to:
    120 credits at OU level 1
    credits at OU level 2
    Incomplete qualification
    For the incomplete qualification we may be able to consider you for credit as follows:
    If you have completed Year 1 you may be eligible for 0 credits at OU level 0
    If you have completed Year 2 you may be eligible for 120 credits at OU level 1
    If you have completed Year 3 you may be eligible for 120 credits at OU level 2
    If you have completed Year 4 you may be eligible for 60 credits at OU level 2
    If you have completed Year 5 you may be eligible for 60 credits at OU level 2

    So, if I already completed until at least year 3, I just need to transfer them and complete the 120 credits from OU and receive OU's prestige degree :D

    I also interested if diploma from LSPM, LSIB are accepted by OU (I believe they should, maybe Mac can help me?) OU said they accept as long as they have an Ofqual registered. But I am not sure, really.
    If you have completed a qualification that is on the Ofqual register of regulated qualifications (the RQF or the QCF) then we may be able to award you credit transfer.
    • In order to be considered for credit transfer towards an OU qualification your previous study will need to have been listed on the RQF or QCF at the time you completed it.
    • Your qualification should carry a RQF/QCF credit rating and level.
    • Your previous study should be credit rated at Level 4 or above.
    • You will need at least 30 credits of study before you can be awarded credit transfer. Modules at the OU are usually either 30 or 60 credits so you need a minimum of 30 credits to use credit transfer in an OU qualification. If you have more than one eligible qualification or period of study we can add the credits from each qualification to reach the minimum of 30 credits.
    You can find out whether your previous study carries a RQF/QCF credit rating by contacting the institution that you completed your study with. If your previous study is RQF/QCF credit rated then your previous institution (the awarding body) will be able to provide you with a transcript showing the units that you completed, a credit value for each unit and the level of each unit.

    RQF/QCF credits correspond to OU credits, so if your previous study has a RQF/QCF credit rating of 30 credits we can consider it for an award of up to 30 OU credits. We can only consider credits at Level 4 or above, RQF/QCF Level 4 is the same as our Level 1.

    If you hold a qualification that is currently on the RQF or the QCF but was not listed at the time you studied it then we are unable to award credit transfer unless your qualification is listed in our A-Z of professional qualifications.
  15. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Not because of number of credits...

    They want 1,000 study hours from diploma but these LSIB and LSPM diplomas don't prove that study hours... also they lack qualifications.

    However, Middlesex University said they will accept LSPM diploma.
  16. nomaduser

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    If you guys want to do top up degree, check that out with Middlesex University.. they can give you Information Systems Bachelor's degree for 5k GBP. Their IT Bachelor is over 12k GBP.
  17. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Here are the programs that refused LSPM, LISB diplomas:

    University of Portsmouth

    University of Hertfordshire

    I think University of Derby said they will approve it but I don't remember exactly. Middlesex University will approve it.

    Middlesex University's program has the best value.. Middlesex University has the highest academic rankings among the four. and its tuition is among the lowest I've seen.
  18. cacoleman1983

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    Hi Mac Juli,

    Will the Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Mathematics meet the 18 graduate hour requirement to teach at a community college?
  19. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Being a purchasing manager for microelectronics (located in the EU), I must confess I do not have the slightest idea, I am sorry...
    I think asking a community college would be a better idea - if nobody else here on the forum can help!!

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