The cheapest online IT Bachelor's degree?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by nomaduser, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Mansah Musa

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    I'd go with Western Governors University. If you can go through the material quickly, it may cost you under $4k. If you are lucky to get the scholarship, you might part with under $2000. I finished IT, masters, in 5 months at $1800. One paycheck only can get you a very high-quality degree, but you must put in the work.
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  2. nomaduser

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    Thanks for suggestion...
    But It's not that cheap. It costs $14,000 for two years and there's no guarantee that you can finish that in a year. I'm not sure but I think 10k British pounds UK degrees are much better...
    I'm not a U.S. citizen btw. So I can't get scholarship either.
  3. Mansah Musa

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    Ok, but you don't have to be a citizen to qualify for WGU scholarship. I think you have to be inside the US and US installations like army stations bases and Embassies to do their programs. It is an online university for US persons only (not citizens only, but anyone within US borders and jurisdictions)
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  4. nomaduser

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    Thanks, I studied at US university but never graduated. I'm a person in Canada so I doubt I can apply for WGU scholarship, financial aid etc.
    I'm sticking with £10k UK degrees. I don't plan to visit US any time soon. Maybe a few years later? I think US is a great place when you're a rich :)
  5. Vonnegut

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    Every place can be great, if you're rich enough!
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  6. Mansah Musa

    Mansah Musa New Member

    Whatever floats your boat, boss. I think the US has so many choices, options, and distractions in equal measure. If you are laser-focused and know how to work the global market place, you can walk away with a quality degree having paid peanuts. On the other hand, folks who fail to research can spend eternity and thousands of dollars for worthless degrees. For-profit schools are getting vicious by the hour, compelling others to somewhat bend a tiny bit to keep up. I agree, though, with steady money, you can finish both quality and worthless degrees in record time in the US. Cha-ching rules the planet!
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    I totally agree. Man, I deeply regret not majoring in IT when I was in US...
    I studied something else at a very expensive private university but now I regret it. I wish I could go back in time and fix that.
    My roommate majored in computer science but back then I didn't realize I'll be working in IT industry.
    Also, I didn't know much about CLEP exams when I was in US ten years ago. I could save a ton of money if I had known that I could test out many core liberal art courses. Not many people around me talked about CLEP, DSST, etc. It all depends on how you research. You can save tons of money and time by searching a little bit. You don't need to pay $4k for liberal courses which you can test out for only $90.

    At the moment £20k for U.K. Bachelor's and Master's degrees sound like the best option.
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  8. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    and that's how the whole world works... if you have the knowledge, you won't owe anything to anyone. I learned that.
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  9. Mansah Musa

    Mansah Musa New Member

    Don't dwell on the past; look into the future. I did Bachelor's in Economics in a brick and mortar school called Liberty University when I was 20. I Wasted my four years of my life that I will never recover. Still, after years of wondering, I had to go back to get Bachelors's in IT, then masters in Cyber-security, and now on the verge of getting a Ph.D. in IT (Information and systems security). I remember CLEP, but there are other options such as StraighterLine you can use to fill in lower-level credits on a whole lot of selected schools. It is never too late to start nowadays. There are a bunch of good schools that you can knock both Bachelors and Masters in under three years, but you have to have money, time, and willing to bust your tail.
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  10. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Why did you consider your four years at Liberty to be a waste of time?
  11. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    Because he may have finished it in lesser time than 4 years, some people can finish the Bachelors in 1 year and the Masters in another, total time 2 years. In fact, if you do the test-out-options using alternative methods for a Bachelors, and do a competency based masters, you can get both in a year. That shaves 3 years off a 4 year Bachelors/Masters combo. And the kicker is, the degrees are from the US and RA, last but not least, it'll be cheaper/easier to finish!
  12. nomaduser

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  13. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    AMA University in the Philippines ( is also a very reasonable option. It was introduced here by someone a while ago but never got any attention from the audience. I did contact them sometime ago and was shocked by their cheap tuition.
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  15. asianphd

    asianphd Active Member

    It is nice to see that the UK has flexible higher education options.

    I also found an interesting online master's. But it's not a CS. I think the courses are not a joke. What do you think?
    Inter-University Master's Degree in Computational Engineering and Mathematics
    Universitat Rovira i Virgili (coordinating university) and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
    Fee: 3.636€
    Students also pay the cost of the UOC's learning resources. More information here.
    Students with degrees from other countries will be charged an academic tax of €218.15 the first time they enroll only (price for course 2019-20).

    The aim of the degree is to prepare students for R&D positions in industry, research centers, and universities. It is intended for graduates with various scientific and technical qualifications (computer engineering, mathematics, telecommunications engineering, industrial engineering, statistics, physics, etc.).

  16. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Interesting... not sure about Spanish universities.
    I'm mainly interested in UK, US, Canadian universities.
    It turns out UK universities have the most flexible options with the lowest tuition fee.
    US universities usually have 2-5 times more expensive tuition than that of UK universities.
    Not too many well-known Canadian universities offer online degrees.. I think online degree is not very popular among Canadian universities. UK online degrees are the best options as long as they accept your application.
  17. asianphd

    asianphd Active Member

    I am considering dropping my MCom from Indonesia and enrolling in this program. From the same provider and the same university.

    What do you think? I will get two degrees, MSc from UK university and PGDip from India.

    In another forum, I don't know if you are aware, I have a plan to get PhD in the USA. Because my undergrad is from Engineering and my grade is not really high. I am considering MSc is a bridge degree. I believe a degree from the UK is far more credible and will give me a better chance for future PhD.

    I also looking at the Level 7 Diploma IT, but the curricula are not fit into my plan. But I am curious, where do one can top-up for MSc degree from level 7 Diploma?
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  18. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

  19. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Hello! What I think? Well, it seems legit. Why not try it if it fits your plans? - But I do not even know if there are any Level 7 Degrees in IT at all, let alone if there is the possibility to "upgrade" them to a Masters Degree!
  20. AsianStew

    AsianStew Active Member

    I'm considering the Upgrad programs, I just don't know which one would be better for me as there are 4 degrees to choose from. I have my eyes set on the MS Big Data Engineering or MS Computer Science for LJMU as well. But first, I'm going to check out the differences within Blockchain & Full-Stack and what courses are involved in the 5 different specializations in data science...

    Master of Science in Data Science
    M.Sc. from Liverpool John Moores University
    5 Specialization: Business Analytics, Business Intelligence,
    Data Engineering, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing
    Program Fee ₹ 485,000 | Roughly 6,545 USD

    Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI
    M.Sc. from Liverpool John Moores University
    Program Fee ₹ 485,000 | Roughly 6,545 USD

    M.Sc. in Computer Science
    Dual Credentials | PGD from IIIT-B & M.Sc from LJMU
    2 Base Track options (Blockchain or Full-Stack)
    18 months | Recommended 10-14 hrs/week
    Program Fee ₹375,000 | Roughly 5,050 USD

    Master of Science in Big Data Engineering
    M.Sc. from Liverpool John Moores University
    Program Fee ₹ 375,000 | Roughly 5,050 USD

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