The cheapest online IT Bachelor's degree?

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by nomaduser, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Hi, what's the cheapest online IT bachelor's program that can be obtained from anywhere?
    I see some of the online IT bachelor's programs from well-known universities cost more than $37,000.
    I'm looking to spend much less.

  2. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    Psst... how much are you looking to spend? Where are you (province/state/country) and how young are you? Got experience or any certifications? IT has many fields, are you looking at anything specific? Are you a good test taker or would you rather take cheap/easy/fast online courses? How much time do you have a day to work on your courses, how about the week? Got other commitments that will take up your time? Have you read my Beginner's Guide?

    Oh, and have a look at this thread I replied to a couple of years ago, the same schools, the same methods for getting cheap credits.
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  3. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Thanks a lot for your advice.

    I'm a self-taught software developer in Canada. I thought maybe getting an IT degree will be helpful.
    But I changed my mind... I decided to get just a few undergrad certificates instead. It looks like eCornell has great IT certificates.
    That's all I need honestly.
  4. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member


    In case you change your mind - did you consider the option to do an UK Level 5 certificate online and then a TopUp-Degree? Some of those options will get you a reputable Bachelor Degree for approx. £ 5000 to 7000.

    Best regards,
    Mac Juli
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  5. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Finally someone that is actually helpful to new members!!! :)
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  6. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    Most of us here are welcoming and extend an open invitation for assisting and guiding new members.
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  7. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    Without a doubt, but there are exceptions ... Which are a (loud) minority.
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  8. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    I like to think some of us at least try to be helpful! :)
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  9. AsianStew

    AsianStew Moderator Staff Member

    From one dual citizen (Canadian/US) to the Original Poster - I would still recommend getting an Associates degree from one of the Big 3, and then getting a Bachelors from either the same college/university or another one of the Big 3. If you're interested in Competency-Based degrees, then one from Brandman, for example, would work as well. I assume you're in Ontario or Quebec, if you have lots of college credits already, you can also try 2 Canadian Universities, Athabasca and Thompson Rivers, they allow lots of transfer credit.
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  10. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Thanks for your reply. I've never heard about that option. How does it work?
    Do they give you a certificate completely online?
  11. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Thanks. I'm a Canadian who spent a few college years in US. But I ended up without a degree. I got a decent job offer in a completely different field so I didn't need to finish Bachelor's. So I'm looking at the HW option because I'm planning to spend max one year into obtaining a degree. If HW can give me an MBA at an affordable cost, I think that can be the best way.
  12. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    In short, you get a Level 5 certificate by doing assignments completely online. After doing this, you can enroll in an online TopUp-Programme several UK based universities offer. Doing some online research, you will easily find them; if not, feel free to send me a PM!
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  13. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    ...make sure, however, the Level 5 certificate has a properly accreditation (e.g. ATHE). You may want to check if the University will accept it first.
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  14. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Thanks! ;)
  15. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

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  16. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    Thanks for your response!
    But I found many ways to get MSc in Computer Science without a Bachelor's degree!

    I.e. check 'work experience entry route':

    Many of well-known U.K. universities accept work experience as substitute for their bachelor's in computer science requirement.
    This is not the case in U.S. and Canada. I think I should look up for more universities in U.K.
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  17. Mac Juli

    Mac Juli Well-Known Member

    True. So, why don't we consider this case closed and you open another thread like "Cheapest Online IT Masters Degree"?

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  18. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    U.K. universities don't charge much for online degree. I found they their tuition price is around 11k British pounds for 1 - 2 years.
    So, there's no need to open another thread.

    In U.S., you'll be charged at least twice more than that.
  19. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    University of Leceister online master's degree in computer science requirements:

    Entry requirements

    For IT professionals, applications will take into account your number of years of experience. Please ensure that you include with your application detailed information about your software development roles and knowledge of programming languages you have used.

    Tuition fee:

    Starting in September 2020 or January 2021
    • MSc: £13,370

    So you can apply to this program without a bachelor's degree in computer science. The tuition fee is very low when compared to U.S. online computer science master programs.
  20. asianphd

    asianphd Active Member

    I think you can have a cheaper in the USA, also they come from a top university. GeorgiaTech is well-known for its top engineering graduates.

    GeorgiaTech Analytics, $9900 + $300/term

    GeorgiaTech Master's of Computer Science, about $7000
    This collaboration -- informally dubbed "OMSCS" -- has attracted thousands of applicants just like you, who are ready to pursue an advanced degree but not ready to make the sacrifices of time or money that are often required. With OMSCS, you can join computing professionals from more than 80 countries who are earning their M.S. on their own time, in their own homes, and for a total cost of about $7,000

    The University of Texas at Austin, Master's of Computer Science, $10000
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