The case of Jamsted Dasti

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    So this guy, a member of the National Assembly, is accused?convicted of having a fake degree. He's the "Robin Hood of the NA" and as such he has ruffled a lot of feathers. Is the fake degree charge just a ruse to get him out of the way of the political establishment or is it a good charge (or both)? There are so many fake degrees floating around in that part of the world it seems hard to walk into a room without finding someone who has reached into that bag of tricks.

    Dailytimes | Jamshed Dasti gets time to defend himself
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    Indeed it is. It seems five or six other politicians were tried for fake degrees (in various cities) on the very same day that Mr. Dasti was convicted.

    Fake degrees: Former lawmakers fall like ninepins - Pakistan - DAWN.COM

    Popular political strategy - remove your opponents by exposing their fake degrees - but don't expose your own. :smile:
    Remember, this is Axact land!

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