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  1. remharri

    remharri New Member

    I wanted to share my experience with Texas A&M University - Commerce. I was recently accepted into their online MBA program and did receive a GMAT waiver do to my GPA being over 3.0. Also, I had all prereq courses waived do to my undergrad in Business.

    The process was very smooth and everyone was extremely helpful. I had a decision in under 2 weeks after I had sent in all my information. All they required was obviously transcripts and an essay. Very easy.

    Below is the cost sheet that was sent to me today and I thought I would share with you all.

    I start classes August 25th and am looking forward to it. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help.


    What is the cost of a Business Graduate Degree at
    Texas A&M University-Commerce?

    Instate tuition = $913.54 + $83 enhancement fees + $150 distance education fee* = $1,146.54 per course

    Out of state tuition = $1,975.54 + $83 enhancement fees + $150 distance education fee* = $2,208.54 per course

    Total program cost would depend on HOW MANY courses are required, for example

    Resident Tuition-Online
    Business Major Undergrad (0 pre-reqs) = 10 ONLINE courses. So, 10x $1,146.54 = $11,465.40
    Non-Business Major Undergrad (6 pre-reqs) = 16 ONLINE courses. So, 16 x $1,146.54 = $18,344.64

    Non-Resident Tuition Online
    Business Major Undergrad (0 pre-reqs) = 10 courses. So, 10 x $2,208.54 = $22,085.40
    Non-Business Major Undergrad (6 pre-reqs) = 16 courses. So, 16 x $2,208.54 = $35,336.64

    Face to Face courses (Commerce, Rockwall, UCD)
    Business Major Undergrad (0 pre-reqs) = 10 courses. So, 10 x $996.54= $9,965.40
    (Resident Tuition)
    Non-Business Major Undergrad (6 pre-reqs) = 16 courses. So, 16 x $996.54 = $15,944.64
    (Resident Tuition)

    Business Major Undergrad (0 pre-reqs) = 10 courses. So, 10 x $2,058.54= $20,585.40
    (Non-Resident Tuition)
    Non-Business Major Undergrad (6 pre-reqs) = 16 courses. So, 16 x $2,058.54 = $32,936.64
    (Non-Resident Tuition)

    *Online course fee, if applicable

    *Additional fees may be incurred for students. Click HERE for the most current list.
  2. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    I am starting my MBA with them on the 7th of July for their Summer 2 semester. It's only a month long, so it could be rather intensive. I received the GMAT waiver as well, and will be paying (GI Bill) the in-state rate. If you don't mind, I could add my experience to the thread as well, once classes are underway.
  3. remharri

    remharri New Member

    I would love to hear your experience as I'm not starting until next month. Which class are you taking and who is your professor?

  4. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    So today is day two in this MBA program. I am taking BA 595 (Applied Business Research) with Dr. Jeremy St John. They have it setup in a 5 week format, even the the 5th week is a short week. There are 42 in the class, so this is the largest online class I've been a part of, which should make discussions easier as there is a larger group to choose from.

    I've uploaded his syllabus to my Google Drive so you can view if you like. It is very clear and concise and lays out exactly what is expected of you during the semester.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. remharri

    remharri New Member

    I have Donald Earl English for BA595. Thanks for uploading the syllabus. I'm not sure if you are part of Linkedin or not, but there is a group on there for the MBA program. Mostly people are trading and selling books but people also pose questions and there are always answers.

    I'm wondering if the syllabus will differ between teachers and/or semesters since you are in a shorter semester.
  6. lcboysfan

    lcboysfan New Member

    Thanks for posting, I am looking at applying there and now have an idea of what to expect in the first class.
  7. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    Now that I've just about finished this course, I feel I can give a good judgement on how things work at TAMUC. So far I've been nothing but impressed with the staff and the instruction. Dr. St John was very thorough in his class, which was very helpful. This class was A LOT of writing, but far from unmanageable. I will be taking my next two courses during Fall 1 with Park University and transfer them into TAMUC. Reason being, I am getting married at the end of October. I wanted to get as many credits as I could before the wedding, and wanted to ensure that I wouldn't be on a beach in Hawaii writing a term paper like my fiance intends to. (She is completing her MS Information Systems online with U of Colorado - Denver)
    Also, Park has 8 week semesters, so I will be done before the wedding.

    Right now, I've paced myself to finish the MBA in December '15. That's my goal, at least.

  8. jobee

    jobee Member

    I was in your class with Dr. St. John and that class was not so bad compared to the other TAMUC courses. The 80 pages that I wrote for the Strategic Management class, over the 1 month summer term was quite a bit to handle. The good news is that writing will get easier as you progress and you will probably notice a huge improvement by the time you are done. If you were not a good writer, you just may be by Dec 2015.

    It was my last class so I am going to graduation on Friday. I am struggling with what to do next but I know I am going to have a lot of free time. I have already started cleaning my house and working out again!

  9. remharri

    remharri New Member

    Wow, lots of writing, I can't wait! I'm also taking MGT 585 which I also hear is a lot of writing, oh joy! I'm going on a cruise in November for a week that is paid for so I'm hoping they will let me work ahead or turn things in when I return. I also go in the Spring for a little over a week out of the country. So, any suggestions on which classes that aren't so heavy in writing will be greatly appreciated. I will inform them the first day the week I will be gone. Looks like I will be writing every night. Thanks for the update and congrats on the wedding. Would love more feedback when you start again at TAMUC.
  10. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    The key thing to remember with all the writing is APA! Dr. St. John was very specific and took off points when I missed some basic APA steps in my first paper.
    I finished the class with an A, so it's not too hard. Just try to hit close to the page limit on the papers.

    Best of luck. I'd like to know how your classes are going when you start in a couple weeks, as they're class that I will need as well.

  11. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    Back to this thread, as I have more input.

    I am almost halfway done with this MBA. I've been working the system in order to graduate the program in 17 months (which includes a 3 month break for wedding/honeymoon, which was awesome btw.) I took BA595 with Dr. St. John at TAMUC last summer then completed my accounting and marketing classes with Park University in Fall 2014. I transferred those in to TAMUC. That puts me at 3 classes completed. I am taking 2 classes right now, MIS 522 (Dr. St. John again!) and MGT 585 (Dr. Stephanie Pane, I highly recommend to anyone.)
    In March, I will take my finance class with Park. Dr. Pane allows you to work ahead on your assignments, so I've been pacing to finish her work by the time the additional class starts.

    By May I will have finished 6 classes towards the 10 class MBA. 1 in Summer1 and 1 in Summer2 will put me at 8, then I can take the last 2 in the fall and graduate in December!
  12. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    3 more classes down! Last semester ended up being much more difficult that I had anticipated. I was taking 3 classes for the final 8 weeks of the semester which made for some stressful weekends as I'm still working full time. Dr. Pane's class turned out to be quite difficult and it is pretty much ALL papers. Can't say I learned much from her class, other than I needed at least 20 cited sources for my paper. I still think she is a good professor, but I wouldn't take her again.

    Next semester I have Business Stats with what RateMyProfessor has as probably one of the worst professors. I'm not good at Stats as it is, so I expect that my wife will be tutoring me nightly since this is a 5 week class. Still on pace to graduate in December. I'll report back after this class with a status update.
  13. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the running account. It's always good to see someone progressing through their program. Sometimes it seems like it will never end.
  14. Shawn Ambrose

    Shawn Ambrose New Member

    Khan Academy for Stats!

    Good luck!
  15. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    Just finished up that statistics class and it was as bad as it possibly could've been. The professor was awful and the class was entirely ran by assistants. Luckily only 3 classes left to go!
  16. FTFaculty

    FTFaculty Well-Known Member

    My professor in MBA statistics class was great, brilliant. Only catch was he only gave an "A" to those who literally got 100% of the points for the entire course (you read that right, a perfect score on every assignment, homework, exam--absolute perfection necessary). Fortunately, the school gave minuses and pluses, so you could at least salvage an A-. But pretty well his class was the death of the 4.0.
  17. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    Well folks, the time has come. I have completed my MBA with TAMUC. I have to say that I am overwhelmingly pleased with with my experience. I had a few tough classes, and a few cupcakes, but overall I felt very challenged and rewarded by what I learned. Commencement is on Friday the 18th. Hoping they can send diploma's sometime in January. I'm looking forward to hanging it up with my others.
    Any questions, please ask.
  18. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations on your achievement! Thanks for sharing your success with us.
  19. Paradox4286

    Paradox4286 New Member

    Thank you so much.
    Hoping I can be of help to those considering the program.
  20. Frank Khan

    Frank Khan New Member

    Hi everyone, I am currently finishing up my under grad at TAMUC. However, i am conflicted about their 2 year MBA program vs 1 year at other colleges. I have been looking into UTPB as they have a fast pace 12 month 8 weeks course program. Since I do work full time do you think 3 courses per semester is manageable at TAMUC?

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