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    If you work full-time, I highly recommend taking two year MBA instead of one year program. The amount of works and sometimes, you feel overwhelm become exhaustion mentally and giving up. I had done a Bachelor, 2 Masters, and halfway to my Ph.D. while working full-time; therefore, I have good amount of experience work and school work loads.
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    I have no experience with Commerce, but I do with UTPB. The degree can be finished in five terms if you meet the requirements to waive two classes and elementary statistics, as almost anyone with a business undergrad will.

    That said, the program is HARD. You will write. And write some more, and doing two classes in 8 week sessions is a lot. I’ve got nothing but time right now thanks to COVID, and it is still a lot. I don’t know what length of term TAMUC uses, but at UTPB you’re doing four classes in a traditional semester, so it is an overload to do in a year.

    The great thing about UTPB is that everyone pays the same tuition, so if you’re like me and technically qualify as a resident nowhere (moved last year) it won’t break the bank, and the quality and customer service is great for what you’re paying for an AACSB MBA.
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    I was looking into Texas A&M Commerce years ago for some graduate accounting credits / degree. My boss at the time, Texas A&M College Station was quick to inform me that graduating from Commerce would not make me an Aggie.

    I guess in Texas, Commerce does not grant legitimate degrees from the perspective of College Station. :)
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    I have no experience with either school. However, I'll share my experience with taking courses in an 8-week sub-term at Lamar University and Liberty University. While at Lamar for my M.S. in Criminal Justice, I took 2 courses per sub-term (4 courses per semester). Throughout my Ph.D. program at Liberty, I took 3 courses in two of the semesters and 4 courses in two of the other semesters. Specifically, at Liberty where it is more writing-intensive, I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to put in some work before going to work and again after I got back from work.
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    Neither will graduating from UTPB make me a Longhorn, or graduating from USC-Aiken make one a Gamecock, etc. Everyone with a brain knows they are different schools, though IMO, they do borrow some credibility from the mothership.

    But A&M is a bit of an interesting animal in their traditions, with things like Aggie Rings, Yell Practice... But it looks like getting an MBA from College Station would cost even a Texas resident a minimum of $62k, so trade offs must be made.
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    UTPB has 8 weeks accelerated courses vs TAMUC 16 weeks. I have taken 8 weeks courses before which was not stressful. I am leaning towards UTPB for their MBA finance. I did thought about TAMUC 16 weeks where I would take 4 courses per semester but that will be stressful especially working fulltime.
    I am open to applying to different schools (TX resident) as long as the cost is under 20k. Thank you all for the feedback. I appreciate it.
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    It'll make you a Lion.

    -Stan, faculty at TAMU Corpus Christi (go Islanders!)

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    Have you looked at the University of North Texas?

    I would recommend Boston University or the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Edx and Coursera MBA's
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    Yes I looked into UNT as well which is my secondary choice. I looked into BU and UIUC iMBA program but it is much lengthy program about 64 credits total. I appreciate your recommendations.
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    The University of North Texas has a better reputation than Texas A&M at Commerce unless you want to blend in the Aggies alumni. :)
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    Thank you. I completed my application to UNT as well as University of Houston-Victoria. Hopefully, I will hear some news very soon.
  12. Frank Khan

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    Update: I further applied to UMass-Lowell, UIUC IMBA. I tried to apply Boston U bit their application deadline is passed. Let’s see. Thank you.
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    Do you have a cost you’re looking to stay under? I would throw in UMich Ross, CMU Tepper, SMU Cox, UNC Chapel Hill, Purdue Krannert. The list goes on and on to be honest. Lol
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    Unfortunately, cost is an issue and I like stay under $30k. Thanks for the list.
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    Frank's budget cannot get through ROSS for the first 6 months. Ross' Online MBA is $120,000.00. My budget for an MBA at most prestigious is under $50,000.00. So my choice has been:
    - Imperial College London ($43,000 to $48,000) depends on the rate.
    - Boston University - Questrom Business School through EdX ($24,000)
    - The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign through Coursera ($22,000)
    - Macquarie University - Graduate School of Management through Coursera ($18,000 to $21,000) depends on the rate.
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    Boston University program had over 1,000 applications all over the world. My best friend was accepted, and his wife was on the waiting list, and now she is accepted for the Spring 2021 cohort. The program admitted about 400 students for the first cohort of Autumn 2020. I was supposed to apply with them, but I missed the deadline due to workloads and family obligations. Also, I want to concentration on finance. So, I decided to apply for Imperial College London after 2 years of consideration.

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