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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by skidadl, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    I am going to sign up for UNA's MBA courses today. What are my chances of getting a part-time teaching gig online?
  2. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    Given you didn't graduate yet, and the competition already out there, around zero.
  3. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    Uh...thanks. [​IMG]

    Now, would anyone like to respond to the title of my thread?
  4. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    I'm confused. He DID respond to the title of your thread. There are a ton of people with MBA degrees floating around right now thanks to the accessibility of many evening and online programs. The competition for teaching jobs with just an MBA is brutal right now and is only going to get worse. Furthermore, at a minimum, you need to have 18 credits in the subject you would like to teach and an MBA doesn't have an 18 credit concentration of any one subject. You would need additional courses to be qualified. (A CPA exam would be enough along with an MBA to teach accounting.)

    The problem, as the other poster stated, is that by the time you graduate, the market for online teaching is going to be even worse than it is already. Many schools are starting to require a PhD (accounting, finance, etc.) as a minimum for online teaching.
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  5. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    Obviously I was asking the question in the context of having the MBA someday soon. Of course teaching with the MBA is not possible since I don't have it yet. That is why my title didn't say teaching without an MBA.

    It's not a big deal.

    Thanks for the insight. I don't know that I want to teach or not. It's really a new thought that I haven't considered until now.
  6. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    Oh wait, I think I made a mistake. I thought that edowave was being a real smart ass. Reading the post again I think he was speaking more in terms of the time that it will take to enter the market and the challenges that I would face 2 years from now.

    Please forgive me if this is true.
  7. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    He wasn't being a smart ass and that's why I replied along the same lines in regards to the challenges you'll face when you graduate.
  8. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    Thank you for responding. It helped me to see that I was the one that ended up being the ass.
  9. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Many online programs are interested in your experience and current position, more than the degrees you hold. UoP for example requires all adjuncts to be currently employed in the field they teach.
  10. AV8R

    AV8R Active Member

    I've sent out many CV's/applications for online teaching gigs with my MBA. So far, not even a nibble.
  11. scaredrain

    scaredrain Member

    When I was working on my masters, I was able to land several continuing education positions at 2 local community colleges. I eventually ended up teaching online for the continuing education departments, when they decided to expand their offerings. Try your local community colleges, while it may not be online, you will find it easy once you get your foot in the door, to teach an online course here or there. Once I was able to get experience under my belt, and after I received my masters degree, I was able to obtain my first online position. I just recently landed 2 online instructional technology consultant positions for two universities who want to expand their online offerings.
  12. skidadl

    skidadl Member

    Thanks for the input.

    I have a pretty good business resume. That may afford me a chance to eventually slip into a place like UoP to get started.
  13. mbaonline

    mbaonline New Member


    Couple of thoughts.

    1) I agree that you could start looking at continuing ed programs at the local community college or technical school. In some cases (as a previous poster said up-thread) you can teach technical subjects without a masters.

    2) An MBA generally doesn't have 18 credits in a specific area (e.g. marketing or finance) to allow you to teach that subject. Some schools (specifically community colleges) are not strict on that and some schools will not be picky for lower division (freshman and soph level) classes. That's how I got started and many California community colleges have the same rules. Other schools are very picky.

    3) UoP and other schools look closely at your relevant industry experience, and that may trump the academic qualifications. However, the last time I checked, they want your Masters to have been obtained more than 2 years prior to when you start teaching for them. So you'd be looking at the time to complete the MBA plus 2 years.

    4) I agree that more schools are looking for PhDs and that competition for positions with only a Masters is tough, but it is not impossible. Like Randell, I sent out about 50 resumes before being hired by the community college locally. I did that by having a networking connection (friend of a friend) of the division chair.

  14. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    A general MBA is going to be a tough sell for online gigs. I would suggest adding to your MBA a recognized certification such as CFA, CPA, CMA or Real Estate. In addition, it seems like the DBA or PhD will become the minimum credential to teach online so it might be a good idea to get one after your MBA.

    As mentioned in this forum, it is becoming harder to become an adjunct so if your goal is to make a bit of cash on the side, there are cheaper and more cost effective ways to make the extra money.
  15. estrellagirl

    estrellagirl New Member

    Teaching with an MBA

    I have enjoyed reading all this information from everyone. There is so much experience and knowledge in this thread.

    It appears online teaching is in high demand.

    Question: What are the next steps to obtaining your teaching credentials once you have this MBA? I have MBA with a concentration in Management. I have worked in management for almost 10 years. Any insight or words of wisdom to send my way. Thanks so much!
  16. pen

    pen New Member

    Do you have any teaching experience at all even as a substitute in a high school? That might be a good place to start.
  17. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Hey Skidadl,

    How is your MBA at UNA going?

  18. JohnC1

    JohnC1 New Member

    Good luck. You will have issues even with an MBA when you are competing with people that have a doctorate, MBA and experience.
  19. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Many people I know do an MBA in order to land a teaching gig. I believe this could be the case if you have a strong and specialist profile with a certification like a CPA, CFA or alike. However, competition is brutal and unless your MBA is from a top school, it is not going to help much in the real world without certifications and experience.

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