Taft Law School Goes Solo

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    I learned from another forum that William Howard Taft University is dividing the law school from the rest of their programs. Does anybody know the reason behind the split?
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    Hi - I just sprinted through the Taft website and saw no mention of any separation. Check your sources.
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    Hi Ted Heiks,

    It's the third post from the bottom by Randy Miller.


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    I found the e-mail that I was looking for. It was sent by Taft in December:

    Two thousand seven was an exciting year for the School of Law. In the early months of the year a decision was made to change from our directed independent study modality to a fixed start date, cohort group, telecommunications modality. I am pleased to announce that not only has the new modality received very high satisfaction comments from students but has also contributed to record enrollments.

    In 2008 we hope to add a number of enhancements to the Moodle platform for certain courses including video components. Feedback from students will continue to guide us in these efforts.

    Our Schools of Business and Education have elected to continue with the directed independent study modality. To avoid any possible confusion by prospective students regarding independent study and telecommunications, we have decided to separate the School of Law from our Schools of Business and Education.

    This was accomplished by changing the name of William Howard Taft University to “The Taft University System, Inc.” and re-incorporating William Howard Taft University in the State of Colorado.

    Effective December 31st, the William Howard Taft University Witkin School of Law will become the “Taft Law School.”

    The Schools of Business and Education will operate pursuant to the laws of the State of Colorado while Taft Law School will operate as a division of The Taft University System, Inc. under the regulatory oversight of the California Committee of Bar Examiners.

    The name change will not affect in any way your ability to sit for the Baby Bar or California Bar Examinations. (Nor will it entitle graduates to immediately sit for any bar examination outside of California.)

    Our accreditation by the Distance Education and Training Council covers both Taft Law School and the new William Howard Taft University.

    There have been no changes in ownership, administration, faculty or staff and no changes are expected in the foreseeable future.

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