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  1. Johann

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    The above is why I don't believe in the much-oversold concept of "international accreditation." As far as I know, US institutional accreditation only exists in the US - although US accreditors (notably DETC/DEAC) have, at times, accredited overseas schools.

    When discussing overseas schools, people often confuse accreditation with degree-granting authority. Degree-granting comes from the State or some agency/ ministry of the State put in place to grant it, under the required conditions. Programmatic accreditation - yes I believe in that - and it's done internationally, of course.

    When one of these programmatic accreditors says it grants institutional accreditation - I take that to mean they accredit ALL PROGRAMS of the school. I don't see it being the same as US-style institutional accreditation - it's still programmatic at heart, as I see it. Doesn't matter. Either way, it doesn't affect the school's degree-granting capability - neither up nor down.
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  2. Lerner

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    A lot of times the only control over national, state format degree awards are by public and private providers who are granted (by the countries' government/ministry) authority to grant national degrees.
    Because there is no prohibition to grant other private format diplomas the other private entities award diplomas of their own format. Some provide good education and the graduates enjoy a level of success.
    Program accreditation by recognized accrediting agency adds credibility.
    But I agree that not having the countries mainstream recognition/accreditation can be problematic.
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  3. SteveFoerster

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    That also often happens when discussing domestic schools. Accreditation doesn't confer degree-granting authority anywhere, as far as I know.
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    California is getting close to it.
  5. Lerner

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    Maybe the Accreditation will be the prerequisite to get the degree-granting status/approval etc.

    There are some states that require accreditation in order to license or approve the operation of universities in their states.
    If I'm not mistaken Maryland is one such state?
  6. Alistair Hofert

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    Steve Levicoff, could you please elaborate on these aspersions that you have cast on HEC Paris and the Masters degrees that they offer.
  7. Steve Levicoff

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    No, I will not.

    Besides, as I recall, I did not cast aspersions on HEC. I stated general principles which I hold on institutional integrity. Past that point, I have no interest whatsoever in HEC, in any other schools in Paris, or in business programs in general.

    As I also recall, however, I did cast aspersions on you, especially with regard to your well-documented racism. I will not discuss those aspersions either except to say that if my opinions matter to you that much, perhaps you should adjust your priorities.

    By the way, the new avatar is, um, cute. You realize, of course, that your actual photo is still on your LinkedIn page. :rolleyes:

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