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    Hey all. I'm blessed to lead a really cool/ impactful career over the last 20 years. I've been offered a really prestigious fellowship that I'd love to accept next year but I'd have to have my undergrad degree. I have roughly 30 college credits from decades ago. What are my options here? I don't want to get a degree from a degree mill but I would like to get my undergrad work wrapped up in as little time as possible w/ under a year being preferable. Any advice here would be great.
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    Which school and what courses did you take? Could you list the courses and grades you got - or copy/paste your transcript? If you are in the USA, I recommend the Big 3 or WGU, if you're not in the USA, then it's just the Big 3 and some NA alternatives... Did you read through the Beginners Guide Sticky? Are you looking for cheap/easy/fast - in that order? Have a budget?

    You might want to review the Beginner's Guide Sticky in my signature links, as the one on the sticky is not updated and also these posts:
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    The courses were 20+ years ago. I don't have a transcript but I guess I need to get one.
    Didn't finish the sticky yet but I'll check the thread in your sig. Looking through it now.
    Looking for fast, easy, cheap in that order.
    No particular budget in mind. Could I possibly qualify for student loans?

    Thanks for your assistance, btw. This helps alot.
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  5. get_that_degree

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    There's also Jennifer's book, which isn't quite tailored to you, but most of the information in it would apply to your situation:

    Homeschooling for College Credit

    To be honest, depending on by when you're supposed to be done next year I think it's going to be awfully challenging to be done with this in time. I'm not sure even the credits you have aren't too old to transfer, which means 90ish to 120 credits in just a few months. Doubly so in that you're already balking at a reading assignment that may help you not be super confused....
  7. Ted Heiks

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    As to your question about student loans, you qualify for student loans by proving that you're so broke that you need financial aid to go to college. So it sounds like you would qualify.
  8. get_that_degree

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    Thanks for the book recommendation. LOL, not balking but I've just never seen someone say "here read these 800+ threads and you should be good to go".
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  9. get_that_degree

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    No, I probably wouldn't but it's worth looking into.
  10. sanantone

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    As an independent student, most people will qualify for student loans. You don't have to be broke because even most middle class people can't afford the annual tuition at most colleges.

    At, Dfrecore will complete a degree plan for you. If she won't complete a degree plan, then there are others that can. Creating one thread there could get you on track.
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  12. AsianStew

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    If you do create a thread on the sister board, do also include which school/courses you have taken, it'll help shave a year's worth of credit (30) as long as you can get your transcript still from the school. Was the school Regionally or Nationally accredited? You'll find me with a slightly different signature, but same avatar there, haha... the Beginners guide sticky is also there as well.
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  13. Hille

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    Good Morning.

    Check out Pierpont in West Virginia. This is a hidden gem for dl and I believe they will take older credits from my conversations with them. I am currently helping a friend with credits that have some age work on an Associates Degree from the above. Check my postings for more detail. You will need a transcript and I would start the free or almost free college credits asap.

  14. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    And now the weekend is over. Tell us how many you read.
  15. Steve Levicoff

    Steve Levicoff Well-Known Member

    Go out. Get drunk or stoned (if either is your thing, as I never do either), see a movie (ditto), or otherwise distract yourself from such a ridiculous goal. Because you’re not gonna make it.

    Good morning. I’m your reality check. Because you need one. As is the case with most people, you have provided insufficient information in your initial request for information. Like what subject, if any, in which you need the degree, and what specific “roughly 30” credits you have. You have, therefore, already wasted your time and ours, although that’s what we are here for. The problem is that no one who has responded to you thus far has had the balls to tell you that you have already blown it.

    But you can get back on track. The first place you should look is (I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet), a classic web site on challenging degrees fast. Keep in mind that Lawrie Miller, who wrote the site, appears to not have updated it for about 10 years, so much of it will be out of date. But it will give you an idea of how you can pull off a degree fast. Leave lots of wiggle room, however.

    For what it’s worth, I pulled my own B.A. off at what is now Thomas Edison State University by taking in a whopping six credits and doing the other 98 over the course of one year and ten months by a combination of testing (16 credits) and what was then called portfolio and is now known as PLA, or prior learning assessment (98 credits). I could have done it in half the time, but this was before the days of DegreeInfo and similar forums, at a time when certain program requirements (like a capstone) did not exist.

    The most important thing is for you to get to know the system. Yeah, even if it means having to read through 800+ posts, and keeping in mind that most of those 800+ posts will get it wrong. This is the Internet, so don’t take anyone’s word for what is truth.

    And above all, be legit and don’t fluff your way to a mediocre or inferior degree, especially in matters of credibility and accreditation. Or it will bite you in the ass when you least expect it, and you’ll have someone like me laughing his ass off at you because you should have known better.

    Will you make this “really prestigious fellowship?” I doubt it. But you may make another one if you start learning how to work the system now. Sorry to blow your fantasy but, like I said, I’m your reality check.

    That will be five cents, please . . .
  16. JoshD

    JoshD Well-Known Member

    I agree with Steve. A Bachelors degree is going to take you the longest with approximately 120-124 credits needed. I have seen people finish quickly by doing CLEP, DSST, etc. but it still typically takes them over 1 year to do. I have not seen anyone who has finished an entire bachelors degree in under 1 year. I am all for having goals, but do not set yourself up to fail by having them so far out of reach. I’d recommend the Big 3 (TESU, Excelsior, or Charter Oaks) as well as WGU. Your brick and mortar schools are going to take you much longer than one of these. Good luck!
  17. sanantone

    sanantone Well-Known Member

    I believe someone on the other forum recently finished in under a year, and he didn't start with many credits.

    If you're not the resourceful type who will obsessively research things, then you will probably not finish that quickly.
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  18. Debora

    Debora New Member

    Hello, I really hope someone will see my message and I will get an reply asap because I am super confuse.

    So, let me introduce you my story I started my bachelor degree in 2014 in the Netherlands. Till now I obtained 150 credits but unfortunately my university decided to united with another and if I don't pass my two exams I need to pass couple of more exams, which I don't really want as I already have a good job in another country.. you know it is like going back to your student life again... :(

    However, I understood I have the option to make a transfer and finish my bachelor in another university but I am super confuse in which one as there are too many... I didn't mention I studied Media and Entertainment Management or so called: Creative Business. I do really want to finish my bachelor somehow and somewhere online and graduate soon, because I already feel this pressure the last couple of months as I could pass the exams last time in April ... Now, I can see that there is an option for transfer but could you please give me an advice where I should do it and how? What is the procedure do I also need to pass some exams etc.?

    Thanks in advance!
  19. mintaru

    mintaru Member

    Are these 150 credits US or ECTS credits? And why do you need to pass more exams if you do not pass these two exams until April?
  20. Debora

    Debora New Member

    ECTS credits. Because these two exams (that I didn't pass in April) are from my old program. Since September my university works together with another one and the program has changes which automatically means that those who didn't pass exams on time need to pass exams from the new one.

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