Suggestions Needed: Online Health Science Doctorate

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by basrsu, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. basrsu

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    Hello, all.

    A friend of mine is considering working toward a doctorate in some area of the health sciences (it can be broad and rather generic or can have a choice of specializations/concentrations).


    100% online
    Cost is a factor (preferably within reason)
    United States (no British or South African institutions)

    His bachelor's is in kinesiology, and his masters is in sports management. He is a middle school teacher and coach and would like to work toward the doctorate to enhance his credentials and/or to diversify, allowing himself to explore college teaching, for example. Whether the degree is a Ph.D. or D.Sc. or Ed.D. is not of particular interest.

    He is only aware of TUI. Any others?

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  3. Ted Heiks

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  5. Doctor Doctor

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    Take a look at A.T. Still University.
  6. Ted Heiks

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    There's always the EdD in Sports Management of the United States Sports Academy
  7. Ted Heiks

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    Tulane University offers a short residency doctorate in healthcare administration. Does anyone remember which uni in NC offers a doctorate in healthcare administration via dl?
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    Hi Ted, its UNC Chapel Hill, they offer the doctorate in public health witha concentration in healthcare administration. A friend of mine is in that program and works for the university hospital there.
  9. Ted Heiks

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    Thanks! I knew you would remember it! ;)
  10. basrsu

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    Thanks, everyone.

    I will pass along these suggestions and ideas today! :)

  11. basrsu

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  12. major56

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    Your friend might also take a look at Nova Southeastern University's D.H.Sc. distance-based academic doctoral program; there are two one-week on-campus requirements though.
  13. Ted Heiks

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    TUI University offers a PhD in Health Sciences/Health Care Administration.
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  15. Dave Wagner

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    How old is your friend? Has he ever used his Master's degree to teach at the college level? It doesn't seem that he needs to pursue a doctorate to accomplish any of those goals. How about another masters degree or writing a book to enhance his credentials?
  16. Randell1234

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    It looks like more and more "online" schools are requiring a PhD to teach. The masters degree has become as common as a bachelors which is now as common as a high school diploma.
  17. major56

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    According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

    The greatest increases prior to 2005 in educational attainment were documented in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

    Highest Level of Educational Attainment of U.S. Population, 2005.
    Some high school 8.5%
    High school graduate 32.2%
    Some college 16.8%
    Associate's degree 8.6%
    Bachelor's degree 18.1%
    Master's degree 6.8%
    Doctoral degree 1.2%
    Professional degree 1.5%

    NOTE: Persons 25 years and older (189 million).
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, March 2005.

    Conversely in 2008, 29 percent of adults 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree (10.9% percentage increase), 87 percent had completed high school (whopping 54.8% percentage increase), and 9.4% hold a master degree (a 2.6% percentage increase).

    The percentage increases of Master and even Bachelorette degree recipients doesn’t appear nearly as overwhelming (?); however, the HS diploma holder as a stand-alone certainly appears greatly devalued.

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