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    Wow, for many of these Master's degrees the outside the EU fees are the same as the home fees, making the programs very affordable (sub $10k).
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    The University of Portsmouth programs cost just around 8k. I don't see their programs discussed on here but they have a great selection of courses.
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    Are you sure? This is what I found, copy and paste.
    Fees & funding
    All fees quoted are for full-time courses and per academic year unless stated otherwise.


    Rest of UK


    Available scholarships
    Take a look at our scholarships search for funding opportunities.

    Please note: The fees shown are annual and may be subject to an increase each year. Find out more about fees.
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    I don’t usually like to discuss prestige, because I think it’s far more constructive to seek out and to talk about excellence in a particular discipline. However, I’m very familiar with Scottish higher education, and I don’t want readers to enroll in a distance education program at Strathclyde thinking they are going to have a prestigious degree when they will not.

    I’m glad Strathclyde is getting some recognition as a bright up-and-coming institution, and there are others like Heriot-Watt or Highlands and Islands that do some things (including distance ed) very well, but they simply aren’t prestigious. There are four ‘prestige’ universities in Scotland, sometimes called the four ancient universities: St. Andrews (established 1413), Glasgow (1451), Aberdeen (1495), and Edinburgh (1583). Just like the ‘Ivy League’ in America, it doesn’t mean that their programs are automatically superior. There are plenty of disciplines in America where a better choice might be New York University, Rutgers, or University of Virginia. The same is true in England, where Warwick, Durham, and London are outstanding, but Cambridge and Oxford are without doubt the prestige institutions.

    That said, if you’re going into a specific field, ask people you trust in that field where you should attend. Every university has its areas of strength, and at the postgraduate level, you’re looking at individual faculty’s areas of expertise.
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    Fortunately for us there are online programs at these four great universities (I'm fond of Edinburgh). The pricetags are a bit steep so we don't talk about them much. They have some limited but nice offerings. But their prestige prevents them from going all-in on distance learning, just like the Ivy League school here in the US. They are so successful with their historical model that there's no push to innovate. In my mind I equate Strathclyde with a US school like Arizona State or maybe Purdue. They are a bit ahead of the curve on innovation and are pushing pretty hard to set themselves up for the next 20-30 years.
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    Hold ur horses mate ..ur not the only one familiar with the Scottish H. E.
    prestige comes with excellence.
    And when talking about DL this Uni is far better in terms of offering than the above u mentioned. Keep in mind Gilly Salmon was responsible for developing their DL.
    But again ignorance is not always a bliss.
    ;) or let me put it this way half knowledge does harm.
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    I know someone who grew up in a very affluent town and she said that there were two types of families living there. There was the "Old Money" and there was the "New Money" The people with the new money never carried as much "WOW Factor" as the old money, even if they had more money. They never had the same prestige. Maybe it's the same with the Four Ancient Universities.
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    So a European academic with a PhD who knows all sorts of things about universities in Scotland wasn’t capable of independently evaluating whether or not the four schools they linked to in their opening post (two of which are European) were toads?

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    What is remarkable in your case is the arguments (or lack of them) to defend your case.

    It seems Goebbels is your best friend ;) Otherwise I don't see why would you use his methods.
    Just food for thoughts ;)
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    I don't think that you get to call someone a Nazi and then *wink* like it's a joke.
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    First of all didn't say he is a nazi. I am careful with what I write. Being a friend with a nazi and being nazi are two different things ;)
    Using Goebbels methods it implies something else ...but I am not going to elaborate on that... it should be the homework.
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    Yeah. There's nothing funny about Nazis.

    Or is there? :D

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    I won’t address the whole Nazi thing beyond noting that no retort could improve upon a comment that speaks so clearly to Pappas’ character. The flood of winking emojis on the other hand have got to be a violation of the terms of service (of good taste, anyway).

    For everyone else, bear with me a minute…

    As I’ve indicated above, I’ve nothing against Strathclyde, and am pleased to see any Scottish uni getting positive attention for quality programs. However, as Kizmet recognised, prestige and excellence are not the same thing. It occurred to me that Pappas’ comment above (rather like claiming Chico State as one of the most prestigious unis in America), just didn’t ring true for a poster claiming to be a European academic. Language barrier? Possibly, although the occasional slips into other syntax suggest otherwise to me. But perhaps there’s another reason.

    Back in March, Pappas claimed to be an adjunct teaching at a European institution and seeking a PhD, any PhD, even from an unknown institution, by publication.
    I was one of the people who took Pappas’ request at face value, because even though the post included links to some questionable outfits, it appeared to be ignorance of academic norms and not shilling. That’s fine, like most people there was a lot I didn’t understand about the system either when I first took my master’s degree.

    Eight months later, Pappas claimed to already have a PhD and to be looking for a second PhD by publication.
    As Pappas’ backstory shifts, two problems emerge. First, someone with a PhD but looking to trade up to a better one wouldn’t be looking for any old PhD, even an unknown PhD, because they supposedly already have one of those, and such a move wouldn’t advance them beyond their current status. Second, even PhD graduates of institutions that don’t do the best job acculturating their postgrads to academic norms would be capable of independently evaluating whether or not those four schools they linked to in their opening post were toads or not. Either way, it casts the ‘wide-eyed newbie’ questions about dubious programs in a very different light.
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    Scratch that, I’m happy to discuss Nazis with you, Steve. Funny ones, that is. I’m attaching a clip from one of my favourites, To Be or Not to Be (Jack Benny, Carole Lombard, and a very young Robert Stack, 1942). It’s the bit about ‘So…they call me concentration camp Ehrhardt?’

    Benny is impersonating Ehrhardt, Sig Rumann is the real Ehrhardt.

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    I'm sorry that I've been too subtle with my comment. I'm trying to tell you that you're not being careful enough. I don't really care if you disagree. Since you seem to have lost track of where the line is drawn, I'm drawing it for you.

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