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    Captain! Sensors show we're being scanned... from Malaysia, no less. They're using 18 branches... huge branches. Should I raise shields?

    Er... wait... you meant "scam." Oh... okay... never mind.
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    Southern Pacific University degrees are also heavily sold by Minerva Vietnam Ltd in Vietnam under the flagship of California based International Technological University (, ACICS accredited University. View ITU in Vietnam at or

    MINERVA LINK TO Southern Pacific University ;


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    Distance learning programs at Minerva offers educational opportunities unparalleled with famous universities in the world. With many complete degree programs available (and more added each semester), students can complete their degree without having to set foot in a classroom.
    If you would like to see how distance learning program works, visit our programs offered:

    • Edinburgh Business School - Heriot-Watt University.
    • University of Portsmouth - carrying students to the forefront of technological change.
    • Southern Pacific University - MBA - A name of Excellence.
    • Columbia Commonwealth University - Taking the distance out of distance education.
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    For any further information or advice on SPU courses, please contact.
    Mr. Chan at 016441223
    (Penang & Kulim Enquiries)

    This is the same Mr. Chan now still selling SPU degrees in Penang/Kulim, Malaysia under the flagship of California based International Technological University (, ACICS accredited University.

    Note the name in Second Flyer as Mr. Chan, 0164412223
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    Dr Lee...paging Dr Lee!!!
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    Liberia no more

    SPUNI used to show an NBOE certificate signed by Heidi Lorhan on its site's accreditation page. Now they've gone over to Maxine Asher's WAUC.
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    Now is Delaware, St Kitts, HRP and many more. Looks fantastic recognition. Like hah.... Bircham International, IIU, Akxxxi U (too sensitive to name it), Camden U, many many more.
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    Re: Re: Southern Pacific University

    And here I thought we were being scanned from Grand Turks in the British West Indies by the apparently geographically challenged Southern Pacific University.
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    Does anyone know why this one isn't over in Accredited vs. Unaccredited vs. State-Approved?
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    Well, at least the transporter works.
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    Re: Re: Re: Southern Pacific University

    Oh it should be MalaysiasCAN! 18 Branches I think it should be more then the Public University in Malaysia. I think Malaysia University inclusive the private College University status only have 17. Wuh really BOLEH! Bigger then Malaysia overall universities. And what surprisingly we can see one unit Bangarow belong to Dr AC Ng Academic Sdn Bhd (Look like Kara oke Palace)and also open up the branches in China. LOOK BIG.

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    Looks like Minera Water really link with SPU. As what we can see from here and Dr Andy Ng was one time posted the flyer through out Malaysia as an Director of a company to promote SPU.


    LEADERSHIP seminar was held at Bong Sen hotel on 15,16/Nov/2003.
    At the seminar, students and tutor - Dr. Andy Ng - discussed around leadership criteria, related these to practical situation at work.

    Total Quality Management Class in Ho Chi Minh on 21, 22 Feb 04
    Columbia Commonwealth MBA class in Ho Chi Minh city.
    Seminar on Leadership subject, DBA class in HCMC on 15 - 16 Nov 2003.
    DBA Columbia Commonwealth Class Openning in Ho Chi Minh City

    Minerva Vietnam Ltd.3 Floor, 47 Ba Trieu Street,Hoan Kiem District. Hanoi, Vietnam.Telephone: 844 9345508Fax: 844 9345509

    Email: [email protected].

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    Again, Dr Andy Ng was one of the Honorary member below...

    Andy Ng Yoke Beng

    Honorary members of the faculty
    Raphael Adebayo, Alejandro Berlin, Theodore A. Burger, Carlos Campoy, Henry D.R. Carrol, Victor E. Effiom, Anton Ferdinand du Plessis, Michael Festa, Walter R. Frisby, Jose M. Gay, Jose M. Gallego, Joseph H. Gelberman, Franklin D. Hall, Scott F. Hall, Syed A. Hassan, Liezl Herholdt, Marius D. Herholdt, Gerrit Horn, Kassim M. Khamis, Sum-Wah Lam, Wooi B. Lee, Juan E. Llaneza, Julia Loytved, Frederick M. Monderson, Andy Ng Yoke Beng, Janice A. Nielsen, Johan Potgieter, K.L. Michael Prendergast JR, Naomi S. Prendergast, Roger Ross, Stefanus S. Saaiman, Michael L. Siebers, Lorraine H. Teller, Javier Teres, Mario Teres, Felix Tomillo, Pierre J.M. van Niekerk, Govert Westerveld, John H. Wilkinson.

    Andy Ng Yoke Beng

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