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Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by NorCal, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. NorCal

    NorCal Active Member

    I'm curious to see who my fellow veterans are here on DegreeInfo, so sound off and introduce yourselves. I come from seven generations of military and I have a HUGE affinity for veterans.

    US Air Force/ Special Operations Command
    Security Forces Journeyman
    Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran, FOB Kirkuk.
  2. cdhale

    cdhale Member

    I was in 1st BN - 22nd INF, 10th Mt. Div, in Ft. Drum, NY, from 89-92. "Regulars by God!"
  3. edowave

    edowave Active Member

    I did a year of Army ROTC at UF, until they wanted me to wake up at 5:30am for PT. Works great when living on base, but living in a dorm at a state public university, not so well. Let's just say I missed a few of those....

    Of course, now I work for the DoD on an Army base and have to wake up at 5:30am to get to work by 7. Karma, I guess.
  4. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    I was in the 2nd/75th Ranger Regiment - United States Army Special Operations Command, Ft. Lewis, WA from 93-97.
  5. BobbyJim

    BobbyJim New Member

    USAF, Strategic Air Comand, Missile Systems Analyst - 6 years.
  6. 1MP4Life

    1MP4Life New Member

    U.S. Army
    Military Police
    5 Years active duty, 6 years in the Army National Guard
    Medically retired after an explosion in Iraq in 2005

    *I was at FOB Warrior in Kirkuk, Iraq around the same time as NorCal! I was Army though so when I was on the FOB, I was on the "dark side" of the FOB. However, whenever we had down time we spent a lot of time at the Clamtina drinking slushies and enjoying the rowdy bingo games the Air Force sponsored!
  7. bpreachers

    bpreachers New Member

    US Navy. Joined 2005 as a 2401 Religious Program Specialist (Marine Combat Trained)
    Associated with 8th Communication Battalion 2005-2006, 2d Radio Battalion 2006-2007, Operation Iraqi Freedom with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force 2008-2009, II Marine Expeditionary Force 2009-2010, and now I am on shore duty in New Orleans and can't wait to get back to the green side and away from shore duty Sailors.
  8. USAF
    Air Mobility Command
    C-17A Loadmaster
    OIF, OEF, Horn of Africa
  9. novadar

    novadar Member

    US Army
    HQ US Forces Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1995-1998
    HQ 8th PERSCOM, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 1994-1995
    These were great assignments.
    - 71L20: Administrative Sergeant (Yes, I was a "secretary", Powerpoint jockey, keeper of the classified traffic, English tutor to the Korean General in our directorate (yes seriously), etc.).
    - Completed my MPA while on Active Duty in classes with Captains and Majors desperately needing that Masters for promotion.

    I was "betweener" -- between the two Iraq Campaigns. My father was a "betweener" too, USAF between Korea and Vietnam.
  10. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    Nine years in the US Army Reserves - 1990 - 1998 then a year in 2003. My time was split between the Picatinny Arsenal and the 73rd ARCOM. I was a biomedical engineer (35G).
  11. NorCal

    NorCal Active Member

    You must have been with all the MP's at good old Camp Renegade.

    I used to love the internet cafe on the dark, the Army never put up any filters like we did so you could surf whatever you wanted. Plus that mural the Hawaii Army Guard painted on HQ was really impressive. One of my biggest regrets was that I never got a picture of it.
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  12. 1MP4Life

    1MP4Life New Member

    LOL! I forgot about the internet cafe on the dark side. I will look through my pictures tomorrow, I think I have one of the murals, I will let you know.
  13. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    Marine Corps 1998-2004 - That's where my screen name comes from, its my two USMC MOS's.
    Army Guard 2004-2007
    Air Guard 2007 - Present
  14. rmm0484

    rmm0484 Member

    1968-1974 USAF ("Alive in 65," Viet Nam Era Vet)
    1993 Activated by USAF to help write Gulf War After Action Report
    1996 Retired from USAFR
    2006 Collecting Reserve Pension (Sweet)
  15. jjleague

    jjleague New Member

    1994-2006 USNR w/ one year AD for OIF/OEF
    2006-Present USCG
  16. edwardlynch

    edwardlynch New Member

    Hi guys! its been a month since my last visit to this site and even before my first and last visit I never noticed this topic about military related education. And i just been interested on it and I think I can learn something on here again. Before I just seek for some information about online schools and now this topic got my attention so hello guys see you in the forum again.
  17. KLogan

    KLogan New Member

    1996-2003 USMC Cryogenic Equipment Operator
    2003-Pres USN P-3C NFO
  18. jrbtsn

    jrbtsn New Member

    US Navy 1991-2000
    Sonar Technician, Surface
    USS Scott (DDG-995), Homeport: Norfolk VA
  19. instant000

    instant000 Member

    2000-2006 - 25B, Senior LAN Manager, US Army
    2005-2006 - Operation Iraqi Freedom, FOB Gabe, Baquba, Iraq
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  20. typfromdaco

    typfromdaco New Member

    I joined the Army in 2004 as a 25F, but I reclassed to 25N in 2007. I was stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington from 2005-2010, and I have been on recruiting duty outside of Fort Hood since July of 2010 (Hate it).

    I deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006 to Anaconda for the first 8 months and then we were moved to Baghdad for the big surge, fun times.

    I was on FOB Warrior like a couple of you guys that posted on here, and I have very fond memories of the Clamtina and salsa night twice a week lol. I lived on the light side, but my Node Center was on the dark side directly next to the big track. I would occasionally go to the internet cafe, but I had internet at my desk so I wouldn't go very often!

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