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Discussion in 'Education, Teaching and related degrees' started by Mac Juli, Nov 21, 2020.

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    This is Universidad Miguel de Cervantes - haven't we heard of them before, recently? Oh yeah -- here:

    Convicted in the (extremely) High Court of Biersaufen, by Judge Johann - suspicion of validating doctorates for another Uni, when they couldn't offer doctorates of their own.
    Ten years in the DI Juzgado, Señores! ;) Or, considering the name, maybe a few years of compulsory tilting at windmills will suffice.

    (I must admit - the school has some interesting offerings...mostly para los que hablan español.)
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    This one is Chilean. In Santiago to be exact. I like Chileans in general. Lots of them here - my landlord is one. They tend to do well. Chile is also one of Canada's foremost trading partners. Great wine, as I remember ...
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    ...from the imprint:

    SLKE Campus Virtual
    Bajza utca 64
    1062 Budapest (Hungría)

    Yeah, quite an international school. However, I consider it to be sufficiently legitimate to post their offering here.
  5. Johann

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    Looks like SLKE is definitely Hungarian. Partnered up with U. Miguel de Cervantes which is definitely Chilean

    Years back, Chileans "exported" the very worst of their own kind - Gen. Augusto Pinochet - to my old home town in England. You can see his luxury digs here. It's a lovely old house from the 1790s. A disused psychiatric facility at the time Pinochet was housed there.,_The_Bourne,_Southgate,_N14.jpg

    There was an outcry and UK managed to shift him to Spain.
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  6. Johann

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    I do, too. All that stuff about "conviction" -- just a joke. Anyway, the High Court of Biersaufen has no jurisdiction in Chile, Hungary - or anywhere outside the Imaginary Principality of Biersaufen-Wurstburg -which, as you know, lives inside Baron Johann's head.

    (But they DID appear to be - possibly - using their seal of approval to nutcracker outside doctorates which were beyond own their pay-grade...)
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    Been reading the Universidad's pages. Looks like things are a lot different in Chile. Five years out of high school, you can be a fully-qualified Psychologist. ( i.e. you have the degree required for licensing, there.) I'm beginning to like this school. Many interesting offerings. Not sure how many are distance-ed. for foreigners, yet.
  8. Johann

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    Wrong Miguel de Cervantes. The Chilean one is not the school that was discussed in a previous thread - or the one that SLKE is partnered with.

    The school that was referred to in the earlier thread, that did not offer its own doctorates was Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. Yes, Spanish, not Chilean.
    Believe this is the one SLKE is partnered with. Yes - offers propios. It's here:

    Apologies all round --- once more.
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  9. innen_oda

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    Nagyon érdekes!
    Not sure I entirely understand, having to put everything through Google translate, but some the courses about the Kodály módszer look quite interesting: Shame they're all en español.

    Bit strange that the site location is in Budapest, but the phone numbers at the top are definition not Hungarian, and only one of the staff members is Hungarian. Not knocking it, just noting it.
  10. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    There are SPANISH and ENGLISH buttons in the top right-hand corner. Tried them. They work.

    Here's right from the page:

    All the following courses are part of the Kodály National Training Plan of the Kodály Society of Spain endorsed by an agreement signed with the Miguel de Cervantes European University of Valladolid (Spain).
    Through this agreement, all courses have ETCS university credits that are issued through individual diplomas of university training (for each course taken in SLKE Virtual Campus), through the Official Certificate of Specialist of the Kodály Method (for the total of the 10 online courses that we offer in SLKE Virtual Campus) or through the Master's Degree in Kodály Music Pedagogy (for the courses that make up the master's studies offered at

    The Kodály Society of Spain is the official national institution in Spain on the Kodály Method, recognized by the international Kodály community, which grants official certificates and titles in Spain on the Kodály Method, as well as the entity that officially validates the studies in Spain, certificates, diplomas or degrees related to the Kodály Method that have been carried out in other countries such as Hungary, the United States, Japan, etc. If you want to validate your documents issued abroad, contact us. More information at
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    Hungarian - but certified in Spain. Sounds like "Gazpacho Paprikasz," or maybe "Nokedli con Carne!" Interesting possibilities. :) And both countries make great wines...
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    Paprikás, not Paprikasz (the Hungarian 's' and 'sz' are the opposite to Polish) . . . although either way, a potentially amusing gustatory experience sure to outrage any resident purist.
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  13. Johann

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    Thanks for the info - looks like my experiments with Polish indeed tripped me up, here. I must confess total ignorance of Hungarian -except for phrases like Egri Bikavér and Szekszárdi Vörös - pleasant drinking memories of times long past, for me. I know only two things about Hungarian - it's not Indo-European and non-native speakers NEVER get the vowel sounds right. So -I've been kind of afraid to try. My last experiment with a non-Indo-European language was Mandarin. That went OK - but it was tough. So was Mohawk, a few years earlier.

    I tried to find a real Spanish-Hungarian cuisine fusion but couldn't. I did find a Spanish-Japanese one though...

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