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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Johann, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Effectively, there is no difference.
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    I wrote about them in post #10.

    The occasion for my doing that was Kizmet saying:

    And Decimon replying:

    Which neatly dealt with the "sock puppet" gibe.

    Kizmet started to sputter, thrash and whine.

    No, it's supposed to be about the imagined evils of Trump, who Kizmet passionately dislikes.

    Of course Decimon's point still stands: If it's so wrong for a President to install an Attorney General so as to have the Justice Department advance that President's agenda, then why wasn't it just as wrong when Obama installed Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to do exactly that?

    Why shouldn't Donald Trump do exactly what Barack Obama did? (And what most Presidents before them did. Think of John F. Kennedy appointing his brother Bobby as AG.)

    Trump actually has even more justification, since never in US history has the Justice Department ever worked so openly and disloyally to thwart a President's agenda, undo his election and overturn his Presidency. The United States is on very dangerous ground, perilously close to becoming a Putin-style authoritarian oligarchy, where the national police and intelligence agencies control who is and isn't allowed to rise to power in Washington. Somebody has to exert some discipline over the "deep state" secret police types. Otherwise, they will exert their own power over all of the rest of us.

    That's why we need an AG who is willing to appoint a second Special Prosecutor to probe into our own domestic police agencies'interference in the 2016 election.
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  3. Steve Levicoff

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    In other news . . .

    Hierophant and Decimon are engaged in an active battle to replace me again as DI's supreme right-wing instigator and ad hominem attack dog. Me again, who has not been seen since his crushing deflation a few weeks ago, is reported to be laughing his ass off.

    More to come as Heirophant and Decimon continue to put their feet in their, and each other's, mouths.
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    It's interesting to see this support for Jeff Sessions. I know this same cheering section will be there when he challenges Doug Jones for the Senate seat in Alabama.
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    What? No! The fact that Jeff Sessions had enough guts to act as an ethical LE officer should has nothing to do with the fact that he's still a conservative extremist and a racist.

    Only by a direct intervention of God can Jones hold on to his seat in 2020. Of course, given his history in the state, Sessions would be an absolute and complete shoe-in to regain his (rightful) seat; especially seeing how he's scandal-free in personal life (meaning: not a pedophile). As a liberal, this fact is sad, but oh well: one can't win everything.

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