Sean Connery has died.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Maniac Craniac, Oct 31, 2020.

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    If only he really could live twice. RIP.
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    A brief comment on my best memory of Sean Connery. I attended graduation at Heriot Watt for my MBA. Took a cab from the airport to the B&B where we were staying, the taxi-driver entertained us with his Sean Connery impersonation (a deity in Edinburgh). Many years ago but as I remember, it wasn't bad and a great introduction to Edinburgh.
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  5. Steve Levicoff

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    What, Sean Connery dead??? :eek:

    Gee, I never would have known that if I hadn't read it here on DI. Not even the death of Mr. Rodgers was announced here. (Or was it?) :rolleyes:

    It's like the old days, when Jimmy Clifton would broadcast every death, significant or insignificant, on these pages. You know, an era before we were overrun by foreigners blabbing about propios as if they were legitimate. Of course, the Americans who are still here are obsessed with discussing politics, religion, and foreign languages. What are they going to do after Tuesday (Election Day), regardless of the results?

    Nice to see someone, though, who earned an H-W MBA and actually went there for the commencement. At least Greg can say, "I went to Heriot Watt" without exaggerating, which is better than some of our American doctoral students who have never been to their own campus. :D

    What, some of you think I'm being obnoxious? Well, I try. ;)
  6. Mac Juli

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    I would rather say "useless", but why bother anyway?
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  7. Maniac Craniac

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    Glad I could help.
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    Yes, and I can attest that, other than a lunch and reception hosted by EBS, the distance students were treated no different than any other (i.e. there were no children's table for the distance students or separate graduation). I was also planning on going to Leeds, but they had no festivities in July and doubt they will in December.

    Although, things have changed. A few weeks ago I gave a lecture at Texas A&M... or did I? I was in my apartment, not at College Station... of the ~100 students perhaps none were on campus, and not all even in town.
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    I think you mean Fred Rogers, Dr. Steve. Fred Rogers, Richard Rodgers (& Hammerstein). See the late Uncle Janko's post, here:

    His death was mentioned in passing in the obituary thread for Captain Kangaroo. They both passed on in the same year.

    Of course, I had nothing else to do but check. I have no life, right? Glad I could help. :D
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  10. Rich Douglas

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    Like Union, which has no requirement for its doctoral students to attend anything on its "campus." It never has. The vast majority of PhD graduates never visit the campus, not even for commencement. Even the residential seminars held in Cincinnati--Union's location--are not typically (ever?) held at the university's leased facilities. It is quite normal to have earned a PhD from Union without actually "going" there.
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  11. Johann

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    Not even for the viva voce? That would seem unusual (to me - Ph.D. in nothing) - but I can't see anything wrong with it. I've heard that perfectly good overseas schools sometimes do them by phone...
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  12. Rich Douglas

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    No. In times past, the learner was the committee chair and typically hosted what was called the "pre-graduation meeting" at either his/her home or other nearby location. The committee would gather and decide what else needed to be done to finish. It was usually more celebration than examination since the learner, typically, was collaborating with the committee all along (except for the 2nd Core reader).

    Union's faculty were scattered all over the world, as were its learners. There was no real value in having them come to Cincinnati. Reading the current catalog, that does not seem to have changed.
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  13. Johann

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    Thanks, Rich. Good to know.

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