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    Being from the west coast I often feel ostracized because I was born and breed on the west coast so I lack the knowledge and rich history of institutions elsewhere and there relationship with the US military.

    This all started when my cousin, USAR Desert Storm Veteran was talking about graduate school with Norwich University and I remember thinking "What/ Where the hell is that?"

    Anyone else know of an institution that is rich with military history other than military academies and AMU?
  2. CalDog

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    Federal law gives special status to six schools, which are known as "senior military colleges". The law reads as follows:

    Norwich is the oldest, the only non-state school, and the only one not in the south.

    AMU is obviously oriented towards the military, but has no official connection.
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    I have trouble with the idea that AMU is rich with military history given that it is a relatively new college and has no affilitation with the military other than the name it gave itself.

    For an example of a school with some history with the military, look at Embry-Riddle. During WWII, for example, it trained over 25,000 pilots and maintainers for Allied nations.
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    The closest naval equivalents are the six state maritime academies. They have a close relationship with the Maritime Administration and the Coast Guard, and with the Navy in times of war.

    - California Maritime Academy
    - Maine Maritime Academy
    - Massachusetts Maritime Academy
    - Great Lakes Maritime Academy (in Michigan)
    - Texas Maritime Academy
    - State University of New York Maritime College

    The California Maritime Academy, located in Vallejo, is one of the 23 campuses in the California State University system ("Cal Maritime"). Their motto: Laborare Pugnare Parati Sumus ("To Work or Fight; We are Ready")
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    Embry-Riddle (with campuses in Florida and Arizona) would be an obvious choice in the "schools with connections to the Air Force" category. Don't know if there are any official ties, but ERAU has long had strong military relationships, as noted above. Even today, ERAU says that "The two largest employers of Embry-Riddle graduates are the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army."
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  6. NorCal

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    Embry-Riddle . . . . without question is a very reputable college with strong ties to the US military. Any other colleges?
  7. airtorn

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  8. Randell1234

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    I would say Thunderbird School of Global Management

    Thunderbird School of Global Management was chartered on April 8, 1946, by Lieutenant General Barton Kyle Yount, the Commanding General of the US Army Air Training Command. The school grew out of the rich history of its campus grounds – Thunderbird Field, a historic airbase steeped in multicultural tradition where American, Canadian, British and Chinese pilots trained during World War II.

    General Yount's dream was to create the first US-based international business school focused on growing and educating international business leaders with an education firmly rooted in cultural customs as well as sound business and management practices.

    Thunderbird’s unique curriculum emphasizes knowing the cultures, languages and business practices of other countries in order to thrive in a global economy. The curriculum allows student to develop the business hard skills and the cross-cultural soft skills to succeed in a world where business has no borders.

    Thunderbird history at a glance

    Thunderbird has undergone countless changes over the many years since its founding – but our focus is still firmly rooted in global citizenship, global management and creating leaders with the skills and mindset to make lasting social and economic change worldwide. Thunderbird’s rich legacy and founding principles are still honored today.
    April 8, 1946 - The school is chartered as a not-for-profit organization known as the American Institute for Foreign Trade; General Yount is named president.
    October 1, 1946 - Classes begin on the historic Thunderbird campus. A number of landmark buildings, including the airfield control tower, barracks and airplane hangars remain on the modern campus today.
    June 14, 1947 - The first class of T-birds graduates, poised to enter the world as global business leaders with the economic, linguistic and cultural knowledge and skills to lead the world through the second half of the 20th century and beyond.

    International Business School & MBA Programs | Thunderbird School of Global Management
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    The six senior military colleges were listed above. But there are also five junior (2-year) military colleges:

    - Wentworth Military Academy (in Missouri, private)
    - Valley Forge Military Academy (in Pennsylvania, private)
    - Marion Military Institute (in Alabama, state)
    - New Mexico Military Institute (state)
    - Georgia Military College (state)
  10. Rich Douglas

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    Bellevue University (Omaha, NE) was created explicitly to support the educational needs of Offutt AFB on what was then the edge of town. Their ties to the military are far beyond Offutt these days and remain quite strong.
  11. Dr Rene

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    During WWII, DeVry University was selected by the Army to educate Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices. Following WWII, DeVry was one of first schools to be approved under the original G. I. Bill
  12. NorCal

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    Interesting, I never heard that. Thanks for sharing.
  13. sanantone

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    Angelo State University has strong ties with Goodfellow AFB. Some of my instructors in my graduate program teach at the intelligence school. Central Texas College has programs specially made for the military, and they have campuses on military bases around the country and world.
  14. Dr Rene

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    When I taught for Keller Grad School (DeVry) in Long Beach CA, throughout the school building hallways there were lots of historical photographs of DeVry instructors teaching WWII Army Air Corps soldiers on electronics and technology. I thought that was interesting since most of Keller’s students were from the local defense industry (Boeing, Northrop Grumman, LM, ..) working on major defense programs.
  15. Dr Rene

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    Another close relationship between Goodfellow AFB and ASU was the AFROTC program, Det 847. When I was an AFROTC cadet at ASU, many of my fellow cadets were prior enlisted airmen from Goodfellow, finishing their degrees and getting their officer commissions.
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    Are you a Merchant Mariner? I'm still on the Mariner Outreach System which is akin to an inactive reserve system and keep a current MMC. A lot of people haven't even heard of the US Merchant Marine so I was surprised to see it mentioned on Degreeinfo.
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    Marlboro College was founded by a bunch of WW2 vets pooling their funds from the GI Bill, and remains a very vet-friendly school. It's a far cry from the military academies in the nature of its relationship, but it fills a unique niche as a tiny, rigorous liberal arts college that has been a haven for returning vets since its inception.
  19. NorCal

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    I did some research, and here are a few colleges that have strong ties to the US military. This is not a comprehensive list, but it covers a few:

    - United States Military Academy
    - United States Naval Academy
    - United States Coast Guard Academy
    - United States Air Force Academy
    - Texas A&M
    - Norwich University
    - Virginia Military Institute
    - Valley Forge Military Academy and College
    - The Citadel Military College of South Carolina
    - California Maritime Academy
    - Georgia Military Academy
  20. major56

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    Here’s one more: U.S. Merchant Marine Academy After Graduation | U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

    While on active duty (USMC), I served with a USMMA graduate. Their graduates have as an option to accept a commission offer from any of the US Armed Forces.

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