Schools that have long standing relationship with the military . . .

Discussion in 'Military-related education topics' started by NorCal, Aug 12, 2013.

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    True statement! I still maintain a current merchant mariner credential and on the list with the MARAD (an inactive reserve-like program). One of my buddies received a commission in the US Navy and flew F-14 Tomcats. He always joked he would have preferred to chase girls on a cruise ship but oh well! :cool:
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    He was the only USMMA graduate I ever served with. Did however serve with USNA, TAMU (many), VMI and Citadel graduates AND of course many NROTC and OCS commissioned officers...
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    My buddy graduated the USMMA in the late 1980s and flew tomcats. I'm sure there are a significant number that elect to serve in the military. Because the USMMA is a "service academy" they incur an obligation to either serve on a US registered ship or in the military for approximately 5 years. Because he took airplanes his obligation was closer to 8 years.

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