Saudi Degree Mills

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    I thought the Saudis had a hands-off policy on fake degrees - if you're caught with one, off with your hands!

    I'm surprised, in view of the Draconian penalties, that the Arab countries are such a hotbed of degree-mill activity. I believe Axact (Pakistan) makes a lot of its money from customers in these countries.
  3. Johann

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    Another thing I've noticed. Axact sites often include bogus Gulf States accreditors - more evidence that the company is active in those states. Must be where the money is...

    "Don't care 'bout no Shari'a, want my PhD."
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    Hello, John. Your unofficial biographer here. Good to know you are still alive and kicking. I can't say I have all 15 of your guide books but I have most of them plus, as you know much else. Not to worry though. I'll only jog your memory on the trickier things.
  6. Johann

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    Indeed. That's where the money is, as I said. I've heard of up-selling schemes as high as $250,000. Usually those high rollers are offered "doctoral degrees" from a "fine American school" i.e. an Axact-linked degree mill with an American address. There were several of these, as John surely knows, that have closed since the FBI started nosing around looking for Axact criminals in the US. They found some - e.g. Umair Hamid - and I'm sure they will get to more. They have the list.
  7. Kizmet

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    My assumption is that the high cost of these degrees is due, in part, to a need to pay off officials. I feel a little bad that my mind thinks of that first but, let's face it, it's the way the world works, at least is some places. Lots of places.

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