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  2. Russell, you've always seemed like a nice guy. For the life of me, however, I can't figure out why you continue to post messages about blatant degree, diploma, and credential mills. Either you're a shill for them, or you're actually dumb enough to believe that some of the schools and organizations on which you post are legit. Or naive enough to believe that if something claims to be Christian, it is. And you end up creating much potential for harm to consumers and potential students than you do in terms of informing people about legitimate distance learning options, especially when you post these links without comment.

    That said, here's what I wrote in NIFI about NCCA and iits affiliates. Incidentally, I have corresponded with Richard Arno, who has, over the years, attempted several times to convince me of his legitimacy.

    The bottom line: NCCA and the Sarasota Academy are among the biggest of the counseling credential mills, and their credentials are a sham.

    The NCCA's credentials include "Licensed Temperment Counselor" (for laypersons) and "Licensed Pastoral Counselor" (for what they call professionals). They require that all counselors administer the "Temperment Analysis Profile," a diagnostic test which is distributed by . . . you guessed it. Thus, they earn profits not only on their training program, such as it is, but also on the tests. Most of the twelve persons listed as their "Licensing Board of Examiners" hold one or more degrees from unaccredited schools and diploma mills. Their brochure notes, "N.C.C.A.'s Licensure Program and all courses are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International for Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries," an accreditation mill. Their brochure and literature are professionally produced and look impressive, but their licensure is worth nothing. A "prospectus" produced in 1992 is virtually identical in format to that of the American Federation of Christian Colleges and Schools, an unrecognized accreditor in Lakeland, Florida, whose president sits on the board of NCCA. Other NCCA affiliates include the American Academy of Christian Counselors and the Accrediting Commission of the National Christian Counselors Association. There also appear to be connections with the Academy of Professional Clinical Therapists, also listed in this chapter. In 1993, NCCA applied for accreditation by the Distance Education Training Council (formerly the National Home Study Council, an accrediting agency recognized by both the U.S. Department of Education and CORPA). Needless to say, DETC turned them down.

    N.B. Of all the counseling credential mills listed in this chapter, NCCA is easily the most insidious. Through a full-page ad placed in Christianity Today (5/17/93, p. 56) listing several alleged counseling centers and diploma mills as NCCA affiliates, they have essentially formed a national alliance of bogus credential mills. You may have already noted, for example, that several other organizations listed in this chapter claim to be NCCA affiliates. Therefore, when checking out counseling organizations, any that claim NCCA affiliation should be avoided.
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    A brief perusal of my posts would reveal to any serious researcher, Steve, that I am no shill for millish institutions--degree, diploma, credential, counseling or otherwise. The post was intended to show the connection between Sarasota and NCCA, both of which I had come across in a recent counseling search.
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    I can't take it anymore! I'm goint to start my own degree m...... err distance college. I'll even get my wife Gail (gaily) to be my accreditor:D
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    Some once posted that they thought *Dr.* Arno earned his PhD from Summit U. Does anyone knw if he has any accredited credentials (M.A. + LPC, etc) to enable him to develop his Temperment Analysis. It seems to be a Psychological type test and I would expect some sort of accredited academic training.

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    Arno does not only have an illegitimate PhD, but even his other degrees are obtained through a combination of degree mills and schools with names that aren't even found on Google. I received their "NCCA catalogue" which lists their Board of Directors and each of their academic credentials. The majority of them have mill degrees, as well.
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    Holy Degree mills, Batman! Nice job, Lance! You've necromanced a TEN-year-old thread. That's a near-record, I'd guess.

    Nothing wrong with that. Always nice to see people with bogus degrees get what they deserve. :smile:

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    The record is still mine. And since I revived the first thread in the history of degreeinfo, I expect it will likely stand.
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    I fell to my knees in awe, CalDog! You the man! :smile:

    Call me "Slackjaw Johann"
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    Who necromanced this old thread ... and why?
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    I guess the honour goes to Lance, Ted. Why? For the sheer HELL of it. :smile: A chance to bash a religious-degree-mill phony, with fake degrees. And his little lap-dogs, too - the school's Board. :jester:

    It seems Lance has, in the past, received a brochure indicating that the Board-members of this school hold a number of milled degrees. I'm glad he shared this. I wouldn't have known about CalDog's record 11-year exhumation, if Lance hadn't posted this.

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    Doesn't ACI now share office space with NCCA/Sarasota in Florida? :frown:

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