San Diego State to offer course about Bad Bunny

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by felderga, Sep 22, 2022.

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    San Diego State University
    In the face of great adversity
    I am sending out this plea to you.

    Now it seems that your bureaucracy
    Countermands fair play and democracy
    As a noble Aztec
    I'd be true (wacka-doo wacka-doo)

    I've been waiting in line
    Since 1952
    Hoping you'd be kind
    And push my papers through, won't you?

    Your student body has no sparsity
    Now I'm too old for your varsity
    But won't you let me register today?

    Why can't you ever hear what people say?

    -- Barry Fox, "SDSU Blues," 1975


    SDSU has been famous for decades for overcrowding. We had a custom there called "crashing" courses. It was typical for underclassmen to get zero courses on their schedules when they registered, so they'd have to crash courses by sitting in it--often on the floor--during the Add/Drop period (about 2 weeks), hoping enough students would drop the class so they could enroll. On the final day of the Add/Drop period, the instructor would typically come in at the beginning of the class and announce that everyone who had not been able to register had to leave the class.

    I don't know if this is still the case. But it was the second-greatest zoo in the city...and the world. I was a full-time assistant professor there from 1988-92, so perhaps things have gotten better. But I doubt it.
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    I think overcrowding exists big time at all of the Cal State schools. My son had issues at San Jose State during his freshman year and a family friend's son dropped out of Fresno State just this fall because he didn't get enough units.

    I will say that the SDSU campus is still very nice. I'll be there in November for an Alicia Keys concert at Viejas Arena. Maybe by then, they'll offer a class on her discography as well.
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    ¡Me Gusto! Thank you. Until now, I was unfamiliar with Bad Bunny.
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    I really like Bad Bunny's music, but I am not sure that I would say it warrants a class. He's taken a political statement about how he performs for the sake of equity, but in terms of making him out like a hero for changing the face of Latin music regarding masculinity... that is going a bit far. Apparently, someone forgot how many great Latin artists wrote beautiful romantic music in the past especially the Latin R&B artists of the nineties.
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