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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

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    They still exist because colleges and universities, as a general rule, are treated as a going concern (i.e. it is assumed at their inception that they will continue indefinitely). People generally don't open a college and assume it will close in 10-20 years.

    Consider that Kings College in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania was originally founded to educate the children of coal miners (the predominant industry at that time in that area). There are no longer coal mines in that part of PA. So their original stated mission is moot. Should Kings wrap it up and step aside? (There are around 11 degree granting institutions in that area so, honestly, it might be worthy of at least considering).

    HBCUs tend to be viewed with complete disregard for the "H." These colleges and universities are "Historically Black." Their foundation is tied directly to the end of slavery with a stated goal of educating African-Americans. But that doesn't mean other people can't attend. I can attend Fisk even though I am not African-American. And an African-American can (now) attend any other university. The latter was most certainly not always the case. And so HBCUs filled a very important role in ensuring access to education despite rampant racial discrimination.

    And while racial discrimination has been drastically reduced in this country it has not been completely eliminated. And even if it were to be completely eliminated why should the HBCUs close shop?

    "Hey, you guys have done a really great job for a really long time against unthinkable odds. But now that we admit African-Americans to the institutions that previously discriminated against them you guys can just go home."
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    I think we can refute that theory in two words: Sweet Briar.

    But seriously, I wish to announce that I will be starting a college exclusively for African-American Transgendered dwarves with ADHD and OCD. (Look 'em up.)

    I have no particular interest in such a constituency, but it does sound terribly chic, n'cest pas?
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    Why do whites always push for their own destruction? In trying to make things fair yall have gone overboard to the point where I hate the way I'm treated. Whites walk on tip toes around us all day. Stop using the term African American btw please. It's ok to say black and stop taking up for blacks when we are more than capable of doing it ourselves. That said, there seems to be this whole racist thing in this country where whites think its there job to save blacks, its the worst type of racism. HBCU are not need and I went to one and its nothing but a breeding ground for hate and racism. I bet you money most whites would get flunked out of a HBCU by the professors in a year. The stuff that's said and goes on would blow your cracker mind.
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    When I read this, I thought a white supremacist was talking. This is the type of stuff I've seen on Stormfront.
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    They don't like my kind over there I assume. As in here I think a lot of whites people sit around making issues of stuff that's not issues. I think I don't want my boys to be judged by the color of their skin by anyone. I want to make it because I made it, not because someone helped me make it based on my color. You can't say crap about HBCU's until you've attended one and seen and heard the crap I have. Who are all these people being held back that need a protected place to go? I think we've gone the other direction, I'm sick over everyone being so nice to me. I feel like I could get away with more than I should be able to. If I even say anything outside the norm of what's expect from a black person people say it cause I'm not black enough or I'm just half black, wtf. How would whites like it if they only got into a school because of their color? This is all BS. I don't think these black schools need a place in a united country. It's no different than hearding us coloreds back into a segregated school. This stuff is sheer madness!

    P.S. This need of whites to "stand up" for blacks is highlighted by that fake black girl that was just caught. Every time a white person says something about how we are treated in this country or mis treated.... that is how you look to the majority of us.
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    We're all entitled to our opinions, and we all have different experiences. Blacks are definitely not a monolith. Just to illustrate that, I can say that my opinions and experiences are different from yours. I don't feel like I've ever had any advantages because I'm black. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty strongly that I've been discriminated against because of my ethnic-sounding name. There is research to back me up on this. I always see racist white people make the assumption that I should be able to get a federal government job easily because I'm a black female with a graduate degree. They are just ignorant about how the hiring process works. The only things that will really give you preference in federal government hiring are veterans' preference and Indian preference (for certain jobs). Out of the hundreds of applications I've put in with the federal government, I've gotten one interview; and, that's only because everyone who passed the civil service exam got an interview for that position.

    I also noticed that a lot of racist white people are willfully ignorant about now Affirmative Action works. It is not a quota system (except for when a court decides there is discrimination and forces one on the organization), and it does not require employers to hire the less-qualified. Quota systems were ruled unconstitutional several decades ago. AA sets standards for employers to make efforts to recruit underrepresented groups. Whether or not a group is underrepresented depends the percentage of qualified people in that group in the local area. If you have two equally-qualified people, then you are supposed to pick the one from the underrepresented group. White women have benefited from Affirmative Action more than any other group.

    For colleges that let in less-qualified students because of their skin color, they aren't doing this because they are required to by law; this is why they have faced many court challenges when they do this. Back to what is required by law, public HBCUs have lost discrimination cases for not having enough white students. A white student has a better chance of receiving a scholarship at a public HBCU than a black student because some of these HBCUs are under pressure from the courts to recruit more white students. Not too long ago, a white man did graduate at the top of his class at an HBCU. I have never attended an HBCU, but you sound like you've only attended one. You can't judge all HBCUs based on your experience at one.

    Generally, black students do tend to do better at non-HBCUs. They tend to have higher graduation rates, less debt, and better employment prospects. Really, private HBCUs are just a place for middle class and upper middle class black people to network. They are not disadvantaged people. However, I don't think HBCUs should just cease to exist because there is no longer segregation. Most of the universities that existed before desegregation were segregated, and they're still majority white. Should they shut down too? They are, technically, historically white colleges; they just haven't been slapped with that label.
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    Its sad that we live in two different worlds in this coutry when it comes to race.
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    I just do not want any more special anything for anybody anymore. I don't feel that their are a bunch or racist honkies waiting around every corner to hold me back. I don't also think that many whites are going to be made to feel welcome at any HBCU, that's the truth and you know it. I attended FMU which is a HBCU and let me tell you it was a breeding ground of hate. I have other family members that have attended other school TAM PV and the like that can agree that it's not just an isolated event. I am of mixed race so I get to see both sides, I can tell you one thing, as much hate and racism comes from the black side. It's time for blacks to stop having two worlds to live in. You can't live in a place and do your own thing and then act like the rest of the world is going to be ok with it. I have an aunt that works in the HR dept. of a municipal transit authority that brags how they weed of the whites. And then screams racism every time anything happens to a black person. All this has to stop and until we all share a culture it never will. Until blacks are striped of the black privilege and we all have the same stuff then it never will happen.

    Also until we stop blaming everything on stuff that happened before we were born it won't get any better. I could care less about who was what during segregation. What matters is the now and labeling stuff "Black" is just another form of it and by it I mean segregation in reverse.
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    Oh, great. Make the PC wars even more complicated why don't you :thinking:

    Most of the time, sure. However, it's hard to know beforehand who is going to be offended by what term.
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    As a black person, I am even confuse as to what to call myself so if other people are confuse then it should be forgivable. My preference is black. Every decade it is something new to call ourselves. It is a colossal waste of time. All the effort should be focus on education.

    I have not been able to take advantage off all those goodies given to black people because they don't exist, for me to be specific . Well, I financed my education; I received no special grades; I received no preferential job offers base on race. The good news was that I got paid less doing the same job; I got the privilege of reporting to people who were less educated and less experienced than me but they were smarter because they had no accent.

    The irony that I have observed on degreeinfo, is that the people who complained the most about entitlements are the biggest users of entitlements.
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    I just don't look for racism, if I don't make as much it because I' lacking, if I am not the boss it's because I not ready. I just refuse to except the white boogie man hold us all back. When fed job numbers in some areas for us in the 70% range I see us being on more than equal footing. To much so,

    As stated above there is not fed bump for civil service but often testing is removed or halted or extremely dumbed down..

    Can't pass a test....not your fault well just do away with it.

    But on a state and local level there is a true advantage

    HFD exam lawsuit settled for 7 black firefighters - Houston Chronicle

    this is why whites feel alienated often. I do not want lower standards for anything to just get us jobs, I want better education programs and studies to find out why a test is unpassable for blacks but easy for whites. We have access to the exact same school systems.

    Please don't give that racist crap of blacks all being from the hood and bad school districts. Lots of us live in normal middle class neighborhoods.
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    It was easy, as a C student I was given a 100% free ride to FMU with room and board. I was in no way shape or form ready for college and I just wasted their money but I suspect your wanting to do DL if it were brick and mortar there would be no problem. Unless by accent you mean your not from the US.
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    I am a dark-skinned black person. Also backed by research, the experiences of dark-skinned black people are different from those of light-skinned black people or half-black people. The same applies to Latinos; dark-skinned Latinos face more discrimination than light-skinned Latinos. I usually use the term "black" when referring to myself, but I am not offended by anyone's use of "African American." There are many people who are several generations removed from Europe and still call themselves Italian American, Irish American, German American, etc. Unfortunately, most black Americans can't trace their ancestry to a country or two without a DNA test, and those aren't really that accurate when figuring out country of origin.

    I don't expect any special treatment because I'm black, and I haven't received any. Poorer people do tend to live in areas with worse schools. The fact is that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be poor. I did grow up poor, but managed to receive a decent education because my mother used our Section 8 voucher to move us to a predominantly white area. Within the same school district, the predominantly Hispanic schools were noticeable worse. They taught enough for one to be able to read and write well enough, but they were not on the level of the whiter schools I attended.

    Most public safety departments are not like HFD. I've taken my share of civil service exams for law enforcement agencies. I usually score high, but end up bumped down the eligibility list because of people receiving veterans' preference points. I don't have a problem with this, but this is the reality. A disproportionate number of Hispanics fail these exams. I often can see who failed because they'll be called out to leave before we continue on to the next step. I just haven't seen a lot of police departments in Texas make adjustments because blacks and Hispanics can't pass the exams. Austin did, however, drop its 30 college credit requirement, but toughened the English portion of its exam at the same time.
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    I live in Canada but I am an immigrant. My daughter who was born in Canada thinks Canada owes her something. Her friends have similar thinking. Unless one is First Nations, I do not think there are as many entitlement programs for minorities in Canada as in the USA.
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    There are no entitlement programs specifically for minorities in the U.S. unless you're a member of a Native American tribe.
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    Let's get on with business and stip the race talk.

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