Rumor: Ashworth to offer Bachelors Degrees in September?

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  1. worthingco

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    Here are some other LLB distance alternatives:

    Costs for the above-noted degree programs will vary as will the level of student support.

    Caveat: Your wife should check with the relevant law society, bar or other governing/regulatory body where she intends to apply/practice before enrolling in any of these programs.
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    I'm in the Northumbria LLB, entering my final year. I'm very pleased with the school and the cost is not bad, GBP 900 per year (3 modules). For those already holding a degree 9 modules are required, for those without it's 12 modules, so GBP 2700 or GBP 3600 (subject to any fee increases since I started) for the degree. That's plus books, plus local exam fees. University of Huddersfield is more expensive but includes books and exam fees, at least last time I checked (about a year ago).

    Worthingco - you and I have talked about U of London before - how's the LLB going? And the AJU MBA?
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    Apparently, Southwestern College accepts nationally accredited credits into their regionally accredited undergraduate degree programmes.

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