Rumor: Ashworth to offer Bachelors Degrees in September?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Gail, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Gail

    Gail New Member

    Not sure how accurate this is but someone on the Ashworth email list posted that they spoke to someone at the school and Bachelor's degrees will be announced around 9/1.
  2. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

    I see, I was wondering for the gap they have from AS to MBA.
  3. Dave Wagner

    Dave Wagner Active Member

    These guys need to get the domain fixed in Google... The bogus shows up... ??? when you type ashworth.

  4. Vinipink

    Vinipink Accounting Monster

  5. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    I've had a hard time understanding why schools like Ashworth and Penn Foster College offer graduate degrees, but no bachelor degrees. I'm happy to see Ashworth finally stepping up and filling a need for its students, many of whom have difficulty finding another school to accept their AS degrees.

    There are schools which will accept an Ashworth AS, and they have been mentioned on this board. By the way, the infamous list of RA schools which will accept NA credits/degrees is horribly inaccurate and should NOT be used as a guide by anybody. If in doubt, contact the school you are interested in directly and ask if they will take NA credits/degrees. I did that with a few of the schools on the list, and found that many would not, but there were a select few that would.
  6. pugbelly

    pugbelly New Member

    Penn Foster does not offer graduate degrees. I'm not sure why anyone would opt for an Ashworth AA degree when Penn Foster is the same price and about 90% of the courses are also ACE approved.

  7. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    You are correct, I was talking about Ashworth. Guess I needed more coffee before I wrote that post!

    Penn Foster offers only associate degrees, but its European counterpart offers both bachelor and masters degrees. I wish they offered the same types of programs here.

    I am enrolled at Penn Foster and went with them specifically because its courses are reviewed by ACE.
  8. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Just curious as to who PFC's European counterpart is? Thanks!!
  9. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    You can access them from the Thomson Education World Class site here:

    The site itself is based in Singapore, I believe, but the bachelor degrees are offered through a school in the UK. They will accept U.S. students. I requested their catalog a few months ago, and it indicated an MBA program would be offered "soon". However, it took me a month or two to get it after I requested it, so that could really slow down a program if you're doing it via correspondence. Still, they offer some very interesting programs:

    * BA (Hons) Business Management (Finance)
    * BA (Hons) Business Management (Human Resources)
    * BA (Hons) Business Management (Marketing)
    * BA (Hons) Business Management and Law
    * BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies
    * BA (Hons) Education and Community Development
    * BA (Hons) Education with Psychology Studies
    * BA (Hons) Health and Social Care
    * BA (Hons) Law with Criminology
    * BA (Hons) Psychology Studies
    * BA (Hons) Psychology Studies and Criminology
    * BA (Hons) Social Care
    * BSc (Hons) Health Promotion
    * BSc (Hons) Health Services Management
    * BSc (Hons) Health Studies
    * BSc (Hons) Public Health
    * LLB (Hons) Law
  10. bill947

    bill947 New Member

    In my opinion, I believe that Penn Foster will soon be offering bachelors degrees. It was indicated by the new owners that they are considering the introduction of bachelors degrees in the (maybe) near future. I've thought this ever since Penn Foster made the move to Arizona and located within the NCA region. When they seperated themselves from the old Technology Degrees and took up the Associate of Science which Arizona authorized.
    From the link to the Thompson site, it looks like there is a connection between ICS (which Thompson still owns) and the University of London.
    That would be ok if any of the offerings interrested me, but they do not.

    Bill ASTET, Penn Foster. ASEET, Penn Foster
  11. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    Back when I requested the catalog from Thomson World Class, they offered Associate Degrees and a U.S. high school diploma through Penn Foster, but I see the links on the Thomson web site are now gone.
  12. bill947

    bill947 New Member

    Penn Foster was sold in April of this year. It no longer belongs to Thompson Learning. That was the reason that we received the bulletin giving a new address in Arizona.
    Somewhere on the web there is a news story indicating the buyers, but I have since lost it.
    The international offering that you posted was from 2006 and there was an indication that it was ICS which I believe Thompson still owns.
    I do know there is an ICS Canada that was a part of Thomson.

  13. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Indeed, including an LLB the fees for which they say (at first glance) are just $1,099. That seems way too good to be true. I'm happy to inquire with them, but in the meantime does anyone know whether (1) the fees are really a lot more, or (2) it's not recognized in England/Wales?

  14. jayncali73

    jayncali73 New Member

  15. TCord1964

    TCord1964 New Member

    The LLB is $14,868. $1,099 covers one "module", whatever that is.
  16. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    The LLB offered by Thomson Education World Class differs from the LLB offered by University of London (External). Thomson allows the courses and presumably the examinations to be taken one module at a time. Whereas UoL allows students to study one module at a time but the examinations must be written as a group once a year. The cost of the UoL LLB is considerably less but the student is truly independent. I am not sure whether Thomson provides more hands-holding and guidance throughout their programme.
  17. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    In 36 easy monthly payments of $413. Still, I don't find that particularly unreasonable if it means graduating with an Honours LLB with no student loans.

    It's interesting that their partner seems to be the University of East London. I expect an LLB from there would allow my wife to practice in the Caribbean, which is all the goal here would be.

  18. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    The University of East London provides more information about the LLB(Honours) degree. Apparently, there are two (2) available exam writing times each year at UeL at select locations.
  19. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    Select as in only in England, which is a deal breaker, at least for my wife.

  20. sentinel

    sentinel New Member

    Ditto. Which leaves University of London (External) with examination centres available around the world. There is a member (LadyExecutive) of the forum who has an LLB from the Bahamas as I recall; LL.B, Grand Bahama College (UOL Bahamas Extension). Would that be of interest to your wife, Steve?
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